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How To Get Your Confidence Back After Having A Baby

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful, yet also most traumatic experiences a woman can endure during the lifetime. Even the pregnancy itself can cause so many physical and emotional changes, let alone bringing a child into this world.?

There are countless advice and information that tell women what to expect, how to behave, how to prepare for the baby.

We as a society are constantly thriving and trying to change the position of women in a world that often tends to overlook unique challenges that women deal with every day. The postpartum period is one of them. Only recently, women started opening about their experiences about painful childbirths, treatments in hospitals and trying to come to terms with coming home with a baby that needs constant attention.

If you?re a mum-to-be or you?ve recently given birth, here are some tips on how to get your confidence back after having a baby.

1. Don?t compare yourself to others

The internet is full of stories about women who?ve managed to bounce back from difficult labours and look better than ever. Similarly, celebrities aren?t helping with their toned mirror selfies and diet and exercise advice that only rich can afford. It?s, therefore, completely understandable that you might feel disillusioned and overwhelmed.

Even regular, everyday women who have incredible body physique are way different from those who are actually the majority ? average looking women. Of course, that doesn?t mean that pretty and privileged celebrities don?t face similar issues like all of us, but the postpartum experience is not the same when someone is having a personal assistant and an army of nannies.

Same goes for all the women who have a special advantage that you don?t have. If your friend?s mother was able to spend the first few weeks with her and the baby, that also means that your experiences aren?t exactly comparable. Therefore, comparing yourself to others, whoever they are, isn?t going to make you feel better. Instead, you should focus on spending time on your baby and trying to adapt to a new way of life, while adopting a healthy and happy mindset.

2. Get physically active

Almost all new mothers gain unwanted weight during the pregnancy, and sometimes, getting rid of it can be hard, considering that there is a baby that needs care all the time. It?s normal to feel uncomfortable with the way your body looks, and having some excess weight isn?t something to be ashamed of.

But also, finding a way to get your pre-baby body back can be a great way to leave the house a bit and have something else to do, besides looking after your baby. There are many ways to do the exercise: gym, running, yoga, pilates, riding a bike…you name it. Even martial arts can be helpful, you just need to find something that works for you. If you?re looking to start boxing classes, check out resources like Fighting Report blog, where you can find a lot of valuable and interesting information.

Don?t be afraid to start something new, especially if you feel really interested. Maybe your choice of exercise isn?t something that the majority of new moms would choose, but that should never, ever stop you from going for it. As we said, there?s no point comparing yourself to others. Instead, start moving and feel that pleasant rush of happiness that can only be felt during the exercise!

3. Don?t eat your feelings

New moms are often told that they should start a diet as soon as the baby is born. Actually, that isn?t recommended, especially if you?re also breastfeeding. Your body needs all the strength to recover from giving birth, so if you?re planning to lose weight through dieting, wait at least three months after the birth. That way your body will have a chance to recuperate a little. Your diet after birth shouldn?t lack any proteins, vitamins or even carbs.

If you?re looking to lose weight, make sure that your diet can sustain you and keep your healthy. Try not skipping meals, or if possible, eat a few small meals during the day. Fish such as salmon, yoghurt, milk, beef, rice, blueberries and oranges are all great source of vitamins, proteins and calcium. If you feel like eating some carbs and sugar, at least try to limit your consumption and don?t eat everything at once. Eating a big pack of Oreos in one sitting isn?t going to benefit you in any way. At least try eating two cookies a day, and try drinking a glass of milk while eating them.

You also may experience various mood swings and somewhat unstable emotions, and in that case, sweets and fizzy drinks might come as a great consolation. But remember that it?s only a temporary pleasure that can have pretty bad consequences for your long-term health.

In summary, giving birth is an experience that changes a person. Confidence is something you should work on, and if you don?t feel okay even a few months after the labour, make sure to ask for professional help. Actually, always ask for help, even if there are supermoms everywhere showing the world how capable they are. Asking for help doesn?t mean you?re weak, it means you?re confident enough to delegate some tasks to others while working on your personal well-being and being happy with your little munchkin.

Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business,? stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends.