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How to get back into shape without hurting yourself from overtraining

Getting back into shape is at the forefront of a lot of people’s to-do lists now that lockdown is history and restrictions have eased. Typically, if you haven’t been as active as a result of being home for months on end, as you usually are you are more likely to hurt yourself from overtraining trying to play catch-ups! Here are some tips on how to get back into shape without hurting yourself from overtraining from the founder of FLOW Athletic Ben Lucas.


Normally, people arrive to their workout or class ready to go however if you arrive 10-15 minutes early and give yourself enough time to really stretch out your body and all the muscles you are about to activate can really help ensure you are preparing your body as best you can for the workout it’s about to do. Staying back an extra 5-10 to stretch at the end of your session or class is also just as effective in stretching out any cramps.

Slower classes

You might be used to a more intense workout or a fast-paced class such as spin however to help ease your body back into training more frequently why not try a slower, more controlled class such as yoga or Pilates. These slower movements are still effective on the body and can be a great way to slowly welcome your body back into a fitness routine.


Taking your workouts into the ocean or a pool can be a great way to train your body whilst offering recovery to your muscles at the same time. Swimming a few laps in a cold pool or in the ocean can assist with sore muscles whilst still being able to effectively move your body to continue its fitness journey.

Personal Training

For some people, they may not be well educated in safe training or muscle building which makes personal training a great option. Having a trainer guide you through workouts and safe training can reduce the risk of hurting yourself from overtraining or training incorrectly.