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How to get a solid workout from home

With the announcement of an extension of the lockdown for Sydney, there is no doubt that a number of us may be feeling a sense of dread. However there are productive ways that we can spend our time (outside of home-schooling), and getting our health and fitness on track in time for Spring is one good goal to have in mind.  

The issue is, being motivated to actually do it. Pre-recorded content lacks motivation. Zoom style classes are limited in their range of classes and technical quality. Online home workout products are rarely integrated with equipment and lack personal connection and motivation. Until now, there hasn’t been a fitness solution that is without compromise. 

However, there is a new option that will get you re-energised to take time to look after your health and fitness.

Introducing FLOE, a live two-way video technology platform with premium home gym equipment. The combination of a stylish all-in-one home gym with access to real-time live training programs is a world first.

So how does it help you get a solid workout?

Forget what you know about online workouts

The biggest issue with training at home is that no one is there to support and motivate you. It is all too easy when working out alone at home to find a distraction and forget why you started in the first place. 

With FLOE, there is a two-way live stream video system. Your instructor is in a purpose-built studio coaching you. It really feels like you are in a gym class environment from the comfort of home. FLOE memberships include a device stand so you can set up your screen for easy viewing and so that your instructor is at eye level, which believe it or not makes you feel as though there is a coach in the room.

You can also book into each class ahead of time to build a schedule – which gives you notifications leading up to the class. Just as easily, if you find yourself with 30 minutes free you can jump straight into a class as it starts – that’s the convenience of gym classes from home!

A personal touch

Like in a fitness class, it is very personable having an instructor who knows your name and who coaches you along the way. It also is a great deterrent to slacking off, meaning you will have more chance of feeling motivated to go the whole way with your workout.

Choose your own adventure

With HIIT, Pilates and Yoga on offer (and strength and Barre to come), there is an option for everyone. Classes run for 30 minutes so it is an easy commitment for anyone to make, and if you want to train for longer than 30 minutes you can mix and match your workouts to get the benefits of multiple styles.

Boost your results with equipment

Research shows that you can get an “after burn” effect for up to 38 hours post-workout, so if you want to burn fat, adding resistance and strength training into your workout is an effective way to do it. 

One beautiful thing about FLOE is that they have optional equipment that is beautifully designed and packs down into a minimalist piece of furniture.  Imagine a furniture grade plywood storage unit that transforms into a workout bench and Barre. It’s a piece that looks at home in even the most stylishly designed homes. Unlike traditional home gyms, the FLOE kit is thoughtfully paired with the Live Class membership so you are getting the most out of the equipment and being trained how to best use it. 

While it is not essential, it is a great option for those who want a stylish full gym at home and to elevate your workouts.