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How to Find A New Path And Find Confidence as a Stay at Home Mum


I work with stay at home mums. Mums who have been out of the working game for a while. Mums who have started to believe that they don?t have the ability to get back in the game. They lack confidence. The simple reason that they are lacking confidence is because their brain is functioning properly. No, that wasn?t a typo.

Their primitive brain is trying to keep them safe, trying to stop them from going out of the cave where things are dangerous. So their brains are saying, ?it?s too hard? and ?I?m not ready?. And what is worse, they start creating beliefs about their self worth that reinforce these thoughts, ?I?m not good enough?, ?I don?t have the skills or experience? or ?I can?t do that??

If you have been home for several years, you have probably been practicing these thoughts for a while. The thought is so well practiced that it has become automatic. It?s possible to change. It?s possible to stop thinking those thoughts. This is great news because the only thing holding you back are those pesky thoughts and you get to decide what you want to think and believe. So why don?t you try on a new thought.

?It?s possible?

?I am enough?

?I can learn to do it?

?I can start today?

?I can do it?

Choose a thought that rings true and resonates with you. Put the thought on a sticky note where you can see it every day. Practice that thought, read it, believe it until this is your new belief.

If you don?t know WHAT to do? Then start asking yourself the right kinds of questions. ?What makes me feel good??, ?what am I passionate about??? Take action and try something new. Before I found life coaching as a career path, I tried interior design, community development, youth work, retail, hospitality, recruitment, photography and more. It?s part of the journey and you are not going to regret trying new things, if they don?t work out, you will be one step closer to finding the thing that lights you up and fills you with passion.

Article by Nicky Hammond
Image by Senor Sosa, Unsplash