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How To Estimate Tree Removal Costs

What does it cost for tree removal?

The cost of tree removal services depends on the size of the tree, and the accessibility and where you?re located in the world. The costs outlined are approximate costs for tree removal in Sydney.

A small tree with space around it for machinery to access costs from $150 – $1,000 to remove. Whereas larger trees have more branches to remove and a bigger underground root network. Plus, trees that are difficult to reach, behind fences, close to buildings or inaccessible take more time to remove and therefore cost more. A larger tree can cost between $500 – $5,000. An extra large or difficult to reach tree can cost $3,500+ to remove.

Determining tree removal costs

Consider all the factors that will influence the cost of tree removal. Some trees are rather difficult to remove, due to their structure, while others are easier. Of course, taller, bigger trees take more time in lopping and removing branches, so they cost more to remove too. Anything above the height of a two storey house is considered a tall tree. Smaller trees with narrow trunks are easier to remove and therefore less expensive.

Trees with wide or multiple trunks are typically harder to remove. (If you can?t get your hands around the trunk, it?s a wide trunk.)  Other factors include the tree?s health (dead or alive), root system are a factor as well.

Accessibility can impact your tree removal cost

As mentioned, if your tree is hard to reach this could impact your removal charges. If your tree is in any of these locations it may incur an additional fee:

  • near power lines
  • unable to be accessed by wide machinery
  • on a sloping block
  • accessible only by stairs
  • a distance from the closest place to park the chipper and truck
  • near the road or pedestrian traffic (which will be impacted during removal)
  • growing near gas mains connections

Other factors in tree removal costs

Besides the condition of the tree and its location, a few additional factors can influence your quote for tree removal services. Removing the stump can take plenty of time and effort so if you keep a stump you can reduce your costs. You can also have the stump poisoned so it doesn?t grow back. If you are thinking about removing the stump, make sure the root system is not causing damage?if so, the stump will have to go. The stump may also attract unwanted termites or wood-eating insects to your garden.

Some people like to keep the cut branches, which can also reduce cost as you are not charged for removal of trimmings.  But you will be left with plenty of trimmings to remove instead!

Urgent tree removal service

If the job is urgent you may be charged an additional rush fee. This may occur after a storm or accident when a fallen tree is doing damage. (Or if you just want the job done urgently.)

How a tree removal service works

If the tree is large, special machinery may be required. A team of tree cutters will work together to remove the highest branches, working back to the trunk and lower down the tree. Once all branches are removed, the trunk will be lopped. The branches are put through the chipper and reduced to tanbark. Finally (if required) the stump will be removed. We fill the stump cavity and clean up the tree cuttings, leaving your site nice and neat.

How to compare quotes for tree removal in Sydney

When different providers use varying models to quote, it can be tricky to compare rates Consider these factors:

  • is site cleanup included?
  • does the quote include stump removal?
  • is removing tree cuttings  included?
  • are you getting charged a travel fee or callout fee?
  • is there extra charges to finish the tree cutting quickly?
  • how many people will conduct the tree cutting? (more people means a faster job – but more cost)
  • is the team experienced in removing this kind of tree?

Cost of tree removal Sydney: Council fees 

Councils require permits to cut down trees.  Some councils won?t let you remove a native tree. You may need to explain why the tree needs to be removed in order to gain council approval. Across Sydney, different councils have varying policies, so contact your local council to check what applies in your area.

Common tree species in Sydney

There is a huge variety of trees in Sydney. The most common trees that need removal are  gums, bottle brushes, turpentine, nicholii, jacaranda, brushbox, oak, pines, palm trees, maples and ash trees.

Want a quote for tree removal in Sydney?

Contact Tree Cutting and we can give you a ballpark fee, or visit your property to inspect the tree and give you a more detailed quote, listing all the inclusions.