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How to Be Mentally and Emotionally Fit

Since the beginning of the pandemic, you might have noticed more and more people complain about the state of their mental health.

Indeed, the recent report by the CDC shows that 40% of adults struggle with mental health because of the pandemic. The majority of respondents say they can’t handle anxiety (31%), and some started suffering from PTSD (26%). A smaller percentage of respondents (11%) even mentioned suicidal thoughts, as they claimed they were unable to handle the pressure.

Such troubling data indicates the growing need for some activities that would help people alleviate stress and feel more at peace.

So, today, we are going to suggest you some useful tips on how to be mentally and emotionally fit, and not lose your mind completely, while the world is impatiently waiting for the pandemic to end.

Try calming exercises

Common cardio or a morning exercises are great for keeping your body healthy. However, they don’t always have a calming effect on your mind.

If you want to be mentally and emotionally fit, you need a set of exercises that would help your body follow its natural course. Yoga can be a great option for that.

Multiple studies prove the calming effect of different types of yoga. For example, one study has shown that yoga helps improve mood and decrease anxiety better than walking. It happens because of the spike in the amount of a brain chemical called GABA, which is often low in people who suffer from anxiety.

In its nature, yoga is about bringing your mind to peace. All the poses are about breathing correctly, bringing your mind and body together to achieve calm and awareness. This is a perfect solution for those who want to beat stress and anxiety, and, you don’t need anything for it besides a yoga mat.

Diversify your daily activities

In Dale Carnegie’s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, there is a story of a woman who lost her husband and was so depressed that she also ended up losing her job.

Her grief brought her to the idea that she should cure it with mental activity. She found a new job and kept herself busy. After some time, she shared with the author that she finally realized she didn’t have time to worry anymore, and mental activity saved her from suicide.

Indeed, a busy mind is a stress-free mind. The more eventful your day is, the less time you have to worry about the troubles of the world.

So, if you want to become mentally and emotionally, diversify your daily activities. Sign up for an online cause, learn Italian, read the books that you’ve never had time to read.

However, keep in mind that eventful doesn’t mean that you should only be focused on your job, it will only stress you out more. Our brain loves diversity, so fuel it with interesting diverse daily activities to keep it healthy and free from worries.

Process all information with awareness

The main source of daily anxiety comes from the news we hear every day. And, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, this news has been getting more and more depressing.

Although you can’t change this news or the whole situation itself, you can change the way you react to it.

So, every time you hear the news, try catching yourself in the moment and think about what you feel. Then, acknowledge this emotion and let it go. Don’t let it sit in your head and disturb you.

Instead, immediately think about something good – your family, your favorite meal, or your cute puppy that is sitting next to you and staring at you lovingly. Express gratitude for all these things. It will make you feel more peaceful and fulfilled. And there is no doubt that you will get more mentally and emotionally fit after practicing such an attitude on a regular basis.

Wrapping up

That’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic did us dirty. There is a lot of pressure on our shoulders right now, so there’s no doubt, why so many people feel stressed.

If you find yourself caught in a loop, you can get out of it by changing your daily routine. Incorporate some calming exercises, like yoga, in your daily routine. Keep your mind busy, and, of course, practice mindfulness and awareness. These three easy exercises will help you alleviate stress and be more mentally and emotionally fit.

Kate Khom is a passionate writer who likes sharing her thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, she works as a blog writer, you can check her site. She likes everything related to traveling and new countries.