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How This Female Business Owner & Mum-To-Be Prioritises Self-Care

Peta Shulman, Founder of GoodnessMe: Top 8 Wellness Tips For Prioritising Health

Anyone who runs their own business knows how hard it is to prioritise self-care. You never really ‘switch off’, you’re constantly on-the-go and your to-do list just keeps on expanding. But Peta Shulman, founder of GoodnessMe, Australia’s largest health food sampling box and growing online health food store with thousands of products, has somehow learnt to manage it all.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, she has come to know just how important it is to look after her immune system and over the years, has discovered what it takes for her to function at her best (in and out of the boardroom). It was this that forced her to finally take control and prioritise her health and wellbeing and she is on a mission to show others how they can, too!

Keep reading as this female business owner (and mum-to-be!) shares how she prioritises time for self-care in order to help her health thrive. One thing’s for sure, we’ll definitely be taking a leaf out of her book!

  1. Bone broth

I have a small mug of bone broth most mornings. With 70% of your immune system located in your gut, it is super important to look after your digestive system. I know it’s an acquired taste, but I promise once you get used to it, there’s no turning back. I love the Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth.

  1.  Probiotic and Zinc

I take a high strength probiotic and zinc twice every single day as guided by my integrative doctor. I feel this really helps with supporting my immunity and improving gut health, which we know goes hand in hand!

  1. 8 hours sleep

Sleep is absolutely critical to my overall health and wellness and a non-negotiable for me. My body is susceptible to getting run down easily. I find if I take the time to replenish and recharge it makes all the difference in the world. I aim for 8 hours of sleep every night, even if this means setting an alarm to go to bed!

  1. Always read the food label

It has become second nature to me now but I don’t eat anything without turning the packet over and checking out the ingredients list. I love fuelling my body with unprocessed foods made with all-natural, wholefood ingredients. At GoodnessMe, we adhere to a strict criteria of no refined sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives and this is what I follow in my personal life.

  1. Walking

For me, nothing beats walking. It clears my head and I feel so refreshed after getting some fresh air. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is either, whether it’s in the morning before I start work or after lunch so that it forces me to get away from my desk for a bit. I am currently enjoying listening to podcasts so I am learning along the way and always come home feeling inspired!

  1. Make time for family and friends

It can be very easy when running a business to become absorbed and have little to spend with others. Relationships are so critical for support and for emotional wellbeing and I’m lucky to have a very tight support network around me. I enjoy spending time with my hubby, having a Friday night family dinner and catching up with friends on the weekend.

  1. See a health practitioner

I don’t believe in self-prescribing or self-diagnosing, whether that be with supplements or cutting out food groups. Food can be so powerful as a way of healing so make sure you find out what is right for your body. I see my health practitioners regularly as my body is constantly changing.

  1. Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I ensure I never skip this meal. My go-to is a yummy mug cake which keeps me full, satiated and satisfies my sweet tooth! Otherwise, I can’t go past eggs on toast with all the veggies!