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How fitness has evolved in the last year

The fitness industry is one that is constantly evolving, now more so than ever thanks to technology! Fitness has never been so diverse – both in terms of style of workout and more relevantly, HOW people can access fitness.

The last year has seen a significant increase in online fitness because of COVID. But it created significant opportunities for advances in technology and how people can access fitness, and we can reap the benefits of that now to enjoy fitness that is more convenient and personalised in how we want it.

Although some will argue you can’t get the same access to gym equipment or trainer motivation from home, FLOE is an example of how the fitness industry is serving up the most personalised and motivating home workout experiences yet, to keep you on track with your fitness goals, from the comfort and convenience of home.

With a focus on consumer convenience FLOE Live allows members to access live and interactive (yep that means instructors can see you and coach you from home!) workouts starting every 30 minutes. Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Meditation and HIIT at a time that suits you and without compromising on motivation. And for those who want the latest in home gym equipment, the FLOE Gym is the fashionable and functional answer – all the equipment you’ll ever need – even converting into a workout bench and Ballet Barre, that packs down into one minimalist box when not in use.