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They say what doesn?t kill you makes you stronger, but what I didn?t realise was that one of my greatest challenges, would actually lead to a new career in Holistic Fertility Wellness.

It?s only on reflection of my journey that I realise everything always happens for a reason. Clich? but true. I spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder first working in international relations in Berlin and then corporate event management in Sydney. Once upon a time I loved the adrenaline-pumped anticipation of executing a live event and I didn?t mind the late nights. Deadlines and more deadlines that was my life until all of a sudden all that stress caught up with my body and I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, which coincidentally coincided with my husband and I trying to start a family. The other minor roadblock was finding out I had Endometriosis which we now understand is linked to inflammation in the body – living on adrenaline all those years finally caught up with me.

Did I mention I was 35 at that point so it felt like time wasn?t on my side. Our first round of IVF was pretty uneventful and resulted in no pregnancy. A few months later when it was ?convenient? to try another round of IVF (please read it had to fit around my busy work schedule) I overstimulated from the hormones I was injecting. Most people don?t understand how serious it is to over stimulate. Let me explain it simply. You can die. It took my body eight months to recover from the extreme hormonal imbalance it created.

Doesn?t it suck when you know how to look after your body, how to nourish it with all the right foods, you understand the importance of mindset and how moving your body is key to managing stress but somehow you let ?life? get in the way and you don?t do all those things that you know will make the biggest difference. Why is that? I had lost that connection to myself.

So what did I do? I took myself away on a retreat, saw a bunch of holistic health practitioners and slowly rebuilt my health. I learned again to trust my own innate wisdom which means as women we know our bodies better than any doctor but have forgotten to listen to what our body is trying to tell us. So I started listening and became deeply intuitive to what my body needed and most of all I created the space in my life for a baby to feel safe and loved.

As soon as I made those changes and my body was back in balance, we attempted our third round of IVF and bingo we were blessed and we were on our way to having a baby. Life got tricky again after the birth of our daughter as I suffered undiagnosed post natal depression and I returned to a job I didn?t have an ounce of passion for. As much as I had learned on my journey, I had to re-learn many lessons the hard way again- dropping balls in every aspect of my life but there was this yearning to finally stop and step into my ideal life and mentor and inspire other women to live a life where they integrate more self care, health and wellness into their life. My purpose now is to be a mentor and role model for women facing fertility challenges. I aim to help women feel empowered by providing a platform where they have access to information and guidance on taking a holistic approach to health and wellness and of course their fertility journey.

Heidi xoxo

If you are looking to feel empowered, nourished and uplifted on your fertility journey come and visit Holistic Fertility Wellness blog for inspired content that will support you when you’re trying to conceive.