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Getting Your Partner Onboard Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

You’ve finally done it: you’ve taken the step to make healthy lifestyle changes. But did you stop to consider what this would mean for your partner? If you’d like them to join you, here are some tricks to use to encourage your partner successfully. 

You can positively influence your partner to make healthy lifestyle changes. But, you must proceed with caution because if mishandled, your desire for a healthier lifestyle might cost you your partner. Why?

You cannot create healthy lifestyle changes to make without affecting other areas of your life. And if you want to include your partner in these changes, consider you’ll be asking them to make a significant life shift concerning their body image, fitness, and nutrition.

This can prove stressful if you keep nagging them to make these healthy lifestyle changes. The good news is, you can learn how to include your partner in your healthy lifestyle journey. Here are some tricks you can consider implementing.

1.     Respect Your Partner

The first thing you should do is respect your partner. This means understanding that there is a significant chance they might not want to take these healthy lifestyle changes with you irrespective of their unhealthy life choices.

So the best thing you can do for your relationship is respecting what your partner wants as well. And instead of nagging your significant other or trying to force them to change with you, focus on changing your life.

You are more likely to teach your partner how to make healthy lifestyle changes that last through demonstration. So change your diet, go to the gym, meditate, and watch as you inspire the love of your life to join in your journey.

2.     Ask Your Partner To Respect Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

What are healthy lifestyle changes? Generally, this involves doing anything that will impact your life positively. It can range from eating a rich and more nutritious diet to exercising more. It can also be saving money to secure your future.

But understanding what it means to make healthy lifestyle changes means understanding that any change you make is bound to affect your partner. Think about it, if you used to cook meals together, switching your dinners from regular steak to more veggies and fruits might not board well with your partner.

Suppose your partner used to bring you treats every day after work as a show of affection. In that case, by choosing to make healthy lifestyle changes, you’d be asking them to learn how to make healthier choices for you as well.

Therefore, you must communicate your needs to your partner to avoid conflicts of interest resulting from traditional habits or expectations. In essence, this will require you to reassure your partner since they will be making compromises on their end as well.

Also, do not forget to keep your expectations in check. You can also make the transition easier for your love by mentioning the benefits of the changes you plan to make. These can include things like:

  • An increased sex drive
  • Enhanced mental alertness
  • Better mood, energy, and stamina
  • Improved physical fitness

Remember, inspiration through demonstration is the best way to get your partner on board with your healthy lifestyle changes.

3.     Make The Changes Together

If you’ve been to any gym, you’ve noticed that many people love to work out in packs because it boosts motivation and fun. In the same way, working out with your love can be more fun and more engaging. Besides, fitness is not confined to the gym.

You can get creative and plan your dates around your healthy lifestyle changes. For instance, if you both love to take walks, you can wear your workout gear and take a longer stroll in your neighbourhood as you count your steps.

Or wake up in the morning and jog a couple of kilometres together. But don’t confine your activities to running and walking. Other activities like rock climbing and hiking are also excellent ways to get fit, have fun, and connect with your partner at the same time.


You need to develop healthy habits if you want to adopt healthy lifestyle changes. And to get your partner involved in this journey, you must be careful when introducing the transition. These tips should help you preserve the integrity of your relationship as you make your lifestyle changes.

But if you think there is more you can do to encourage your partner to make healthy lifestyle changes with you, let us know your views in the comments.

Davis is a marriage and family therapist. She has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings over the past 7 years providing services to children, adults, families, and couples. She is currently doing specific research on the best online dating sites on the topic. Miranda loves travelling and hiking.