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Food & Fireworks: How To Celebrate NYE In Sydney

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The years fly by so quickly. When you’re a kid, months can seem to last forever, with years being these vast, slow stretches of time. Then fast forward to your adult life, and December rolls around yet again, and you’re left scratching your head, wondering where the year went. 

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it, the Christmas holiday period. It’s time to start planning those functions and events for the silly season. And the big night to top it all off is New Year’s Eve. If you’re in Sydney wondering what you’ll do for the biggest night of the year, fear not. This helpful article will cover everything from food to fireworks, and you can rely on it to plan your party. Read on to discover how you can have a night to remember. 

Pick a restaurant to start the night off

You’ll want to choose a New Year’s Eve restaurant in Sydney for several reasons. To begin with, there’s nothing quite like breaking bread with your friends to kick off a big night on the town. You’ll share food and drinks and bond with your group, setting the tone for an excellent evening. 

Another reason you want to book a restaurant is that you will probably indulge in some alcohol on New Year’s Eve. After all, it’s the biggest night of the year. So, you’ll want a full stomach before you begin drinking earnestly. Drinking on an empty stomach is a one-way ticket to feeling sick and having a wicked hangover, so by filling up at dinner time, you’re being responsible and giving your gut some sustenance to help it absorb the alcohol.

Enjoy a pub or bar crawl

The next stop on your big night is to visit a string of bars, pubs or both. Have a chat with your group before the big night, and get out Google Maps to plan a walking route. You don’t want to rely on taxis or rideshare apps on New Year’s Eve, as it is the busiest night of the year. You’ll struggle to find a ride or have to pay ridiculous surge prices. Walking is free, and the fresh air will do you a world of good in between stops.

Drink in moderation at each venue; a drink or two maximum over a couple of hours is a safe bet.

Watch the fireworks

It wouldn’t be a night out in Sydney on New Year’s Eve if you didn’t stop to take in the beautiful and dazzling pyrotechnics display. Sydney’s fireworks are famous for good reason, as they are a truly brilliant event.

Fireworks vantage spots

There are several good vantage points that you can try to find a spot to watch in. Campbells Cove is a good spot, although it’s a concrete surface, so don’t expect to sit comfortably on a picnic rug. This spot offers an incredible view of the Opera House and a decent view of the Harbour Bridge from some areas.

Dawes Point

Dawes Point is another excellent location; it has grass to sit on and offers shade. It is a naturally cool spot that is perfect on a hot summer night. They have food trucks if you feel like a late-night snack, although BYO food is allowed too, in case you want to pack some cheese, crackers and antipasti for the evening. 

Hickson Road Reserve

This is another grassed area, out the front of the Hyatt Hotel, amidst palm trees. This is a ticketed entry spot; tickets range from $40-70 or so dollars. Alcohol is available to purchase, and there is no BYO allowed. This option is the more expensive one, so you may wish to choose another spot if you’re on a budget for the night. 

West Circular Quay

This prime location to watch the fireworks is situated outside the Museum of Contemporary Art and First Fleet Park. There is soft grass to sit on, an excellent view of the Opera House, and some distance between you and the fireworks smoke that can build up under the bridge.

Remember that this is an alcohol-free site, so enjoy your drinks at the bar or pub before settling in here. You can bring your own food, so stock up on those snacks. This is another ticketed location, but tickets are more affordable when compared to Hickson Road Reserve, ranging from $13-30 or so.

A celebratory conclusion

This helpful article has shared everything about food and fireworks and how you can welcome the New Year in Sydney in style. We’ve covered the early part of your night, from booking a restaurant to embarking on a pub or bar crawl. Use our helpful summary of fireworks vantage points to your advantage, and have lots of fun. You’ve worked hard all year, so it’s time to party!