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Flower Power: The Fearless new Floral-inspired accessories dominating Summer style

If you think floral accessories are too girly, you?ll love the powerful new trend of fearless florals. Florals have had a powerful re-brand this summer with fresh silhouettes, unexpected colorings and re-imagined classical pieces. Here are five ways to try this summer?s fearless florals now.

Bold brights transform traditional floral hues

A vibrant yellow flower-encrusted or midnight blue orchid headband are just examples of this year?s fresh take on flower power. Forget subdued pinks and delicate single flower headpieces, this year it?s all about brights. Challenge the traditional floral aesthetic and wear a vibrant floral headband to your next cocktail event.

Studded leather: new florals go hard core

New floral accessories are anything but demure. Add rock and roll to your look with a black studded handbag complete with leather flowers. If that?s too Rolling Stones for you, try a black floral headband with patent leather flowers. The shine adds that extra element of intrigue, but don?t worry, great brands offer vegan leather to help you stay eco-conscious. 

Go big or go home

Follow Dolce and Gabanna?s lead from their newest runway show and take new season florals to the next level by going big. Huge red organza and velvet roses mounted on an elevated halo band above your head could be the boldest floral statement this spring. Don?t be shy, go floral and go large.

Match ultra feminine old-school handbags with modern power dressing

Uber feminine top handle bags in delicate florals are back in fashion, but they?re best worn matched with your freshest playsuit, leather jacket or metallic maxi dress. Instead of pairing these ladylike accessories with a tea dress as per usual, embrace the fearless floral aesthetic by contrasting your new floral accessory with your most powerful looks.

Eastern-inspired florals

Channel the chicness that is Crazy Rich Asians and embrace the fierce new floral. Utilizing Eastern design, new clutches, handbags and purses make floral designs look fresh, while adding an element of uniqueness to every outfit. 

Flowers have never been so fierce, and it?s your turn to try them out. Be brave, and embrace the bright floral headband, or add a bit of rock and roll with leather studded floral details. They might have flowers on them, but this summer?s floral accessories are anything but ladylike.