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Online Sound Healing Powered by Neuroscience

Deepen your mindfulness practice, revive your mind, body & spirit

Deepen your mindfulness practice, immerse yourself in sound that resonates at a cellular level.

Guided by Marc Tomkinson, (DJ L’espace/BuddhaBarExperience) infusing a unique blend of meditative electronic soundscapes with live 432Hz instruments of Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls, Swiss Hung Drum & Native America Flute.
Naturally soothe your body+mind, balance your nervous system and entire energetic system, leaving you feeling fully revitalised on all levels.
* Suitable for anyone wishing to deepen their relaxation, healing or mindfulness practice.

Experience immediate benefits without mastering any techniques.

Powered by neuroscience entrainment, sacred sonics & ancient healing vibrations. Prepare for a deep & profound live music experience designed to calm your mind, slow down your brainwaves and transport you into deep states of relaxation.

  • Mind + Body Rejuvenation
  • Improve mental/physical/emotional wellbeing
  • Boost immune system
  • Balance your nervous system
  • Relieve stress & anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce fatigue/nausea
  • Calm your mind & body
  • Improve mental health & performance
  • Deepen states of relaxation & meditation
  • Accelerate injury recovery, healing and rejuvenation
  • Cellular health & detoxification
  • Increase creativity, clarity & insight
  • Rewire your brain, subconscious reprogramming
  • Expanded states of consciousness
  • Feel more energised, calm & balanced
  • Revitalise an optimal state of wellbeing
  • Maintain more inner peace & harmony in your life

Non- invasive therapy, just relax and allow the sounds to wash over you.


Sep 26 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


$33 - $100

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