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Movies at Manly – Charlie Chaplin Shorts

Mutual friend: thank you Charlie!

The Cure: “Charlie is staying at a health spa in order to cure a bothersome penchant for alcohol, but the contents of his alcohol-filled suitcase end up in the spa’s health waters, with terrible and hilarious consequences.”

The Immigrant: “Charlie embarks for New York in a boat full of hungry emigrants. He falls in love with the young Edna and wins a little money gambling to buy her food. Arriving in the city, penniless, he finds Edna, and also Goliath, who has become a waiter. The Immigrant, which contains many elements of satire, irony and romance, as well as real cinematographic poetry, remains a masterpiece of comic cinema today in the 21st century.”

The Adventurer: “Having just escaped from prison, Charlie saves a mother and her daughter (Edna) from drowning. To thank him, they invite him to their home, where a swish party is in full swing. This 12th and final Mutual film is the fastest-paced film of the series.”

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Location: St Matthew’s Church (Darley Smith Building), 1 Darley Road, Manly


Jul 23 2022


2:00 pm - 3:20 pm


$20 - $25

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