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Ear and Hearing Check

Back to school for another year… We all want to set up our children and families to succeed and get the most out of their education. However, it is also important to to check your child’s ears and hearing health

Hearing well ensures they can fully interact and develop the skills to live life to the fullest. Children who experience hearing loss, even if it is a mild hearing loss, can result in delayed speech, language, learning, and social skills.

Hearing is checked by a hearing specialist called an audiologist (od-ee-OL-uh-jist)*. The type of test they do depends on a child’s age, development, ability to collaborate or follow instructions, and health. In Australia, every newborn has a hearing screening test before leaving the hospital. 

Having your child’s ears and hearing checked, empowers them to get the most out of their education, ensures they are developing at the same rate as their peers, and reduces the chance and impact of speech and language delays, learning difficulties, behavioral problems, and the need for increased support.**

Beyond Hearing offer a cost-effective and clinical ‘Ear & Hearing check’ service ($55).

It takes approximately 15 minutes and includes a brief consultation to discuss your child’s ear and hearing concerns, visual inspection with a video otoscopy, tympanometry, and pure tone audiometry of important sounds for language and speech development. We clinically review the findings and provide you with recommendations.

We also offer Ear Wax Removal (microsuction), Hearing Diagnostics, and Custom Ear Plugs.

If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, always talk to their doctor, a hearing specialist, or a speech pathologist, and their teacher can also provide helpful guidance. It’s best to catch hearing problems early because treatment is more successful and this improves prognosis.

Happy 2023!

Paula, Clinical Audiologist