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DIY: Unique Garden Fence Decorating Methods

Garden decoration is a no novel an idea, but it definitely is a smart one. Decorating your garden is limited not only to mowing the grasses, trimming bushes, adding fountain and likewise activities.

One aspect which is ignored while investing time and energy on decoration is the fencing; garden fencedecoration adds to the visual appeal, style and entire ambience of the garden. It is not essentially mandatory that you have to hire a professional fence decorating expert, but there are simple DIY ideas and ways on methods you can use, in order to add that extra sparkle and buzz to your garden fence. Instead of hiring any professional garden decorator, try using some innovative designing ideas given here.

Birdhouse Decor

It is indeed a lovely feeling to hear the melodious sounds of birds chirping in your garden in the morning or the evening. In lieu of this, it can be a pleasing experience if you decorate the inner part of your garden fencewith multiple birdhouses in different colors. Inculcate bright and interesting contrast in colors of the birdhouses to add the zing.

Paint Mural 

Instead of leaving your fence all blank, in a boring, monotonous way, adding interesting paintings, pattern painting or even murals can add to the picaresque aspect of the garden adornment. It depends on your taste and choice if you would like to use a single bold color in the painting or multiple colorful shades for that matter. It is all about making the garden fence look intriguing, making your garden time a gala time.

Rain-boots or Shoes

One might think of using unique elements in the garden fence d?cor. Creating a pattern with the old shoes and rain-boots on your garden fence, for instance,can be a bright idea. Furthermore, you can also use these old shoes or boots to plant seedlings. You can particularly pick your basket ball or baseball shoes, or your kid?s rain boots, to create a theme as well, giving it a fresh novelty look. 

Planters or Creepers

The owner of the lawn has the liberty to adjust the amount of space in their garden fence.One can actually utilize the fenced area for installing planters where they can grow herbs, creepers, etc. Creepers, for instance, are something which gives fences a unique lush green look. There are different species of creepers; there are colorful ones as well, which can enhance the elegance and appeal of your garden fence when it gets covered with the creeper. 

Fairy Tale 

If you have ever imagined of creating your dream-like fairy tale house, with vintage windows, creepers, and flowers around the window, you can actually recreate this effect with your fences. Add a false window, some flower creepers; decorate the fence wall with decorative items.


Any area, irrespective of the fact if it is inside your house or out in the garden can be made exciting and appealing with proper use of lights and installing them effectively. You can bring in a dreamlike feel to your garden by adding soft, magical lights. You can also hang a few chandeliers in a line or in abrupt heights and pattern on the fence, so as to bring a fantastic feel.


Mirrors or Photo Frames

You can also use distinctive mirrors, designer mirrors or even mirror letters on the garden fenceto make it exclusively decorative. To add to the effect, you can highlight the mirrors using decorative and stylish frames. In order to bring a timeless feel, you can try using vintage and antique photo frames as well. It is not essentially important to include pictures in the frames, even blank frames, artistically positioned, some in straight; others in a tilted way can look intriguingly beautiful. If you are adding frames you can use contrasting colors to the frames in order to highlight them as well.

Therefore, it is indeed neither important nor mandatory for you to buy or spend a ton to decorate your garden fence. Rather with proper utilization of household items or even by recycling old and used items, you can create a distinguished look for your garden fence. 

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