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David ‘Wolfman’ Williams trains a new generation of Little Wolfies

Former rugby league legend David Williams brings his health and fitness expertise to the children at Wattle Road Early Education Centre in Brookvale.

Wattle Road Early Education Centre welcomes David ‘Wolfman’ Williams to their centre every Wednesday and Friday to run Little Wolfies, a creative sports program for kids. Little Wolfies focuses on building physical skills like running, jumping, balancing, coordination and of course, football.

The program is all about being active while having fun, and David Williams uses imaginative games to keep children engaged. The children love the animal themes that keep them laughing as they stomp, crawl and jump their way through the thirty-minute program.

‘I like to create an adventure for the kids, and the idea is to incorporate animals and their relative movements into games so that the kids can not only enjoy the session, but replicate it at home with their siblings or parents later on,’ David Williams said.

Mary Saad, Owner and Operator at Wattle Road Early Education Centre, said that the children enjoy every moment of Little Wolfies.

‘He does this howl when he arrives, and as soon as the children hear it they know he is here and get so excited. I see lots of sports programs, but David truly captivates every single child that he is around,’ Mary Saad said.

The children at Wattle Road Early Education benefit significantly from Little Wolfies. Physical activity is crucial for the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as fundamental social and emotional confidence, but it can sometimes be hard to get children interested in being active. Planned sports programs like Little Wolfies make being active fun and exciting.

David Williams is passionate about the importance physical activity for everyone, and has greatly enjoyed developing a program specifically for children.

‘It’s been a learning experience for me, I’ve modified my programs to make them fun and exciting for kids,’ David Williams said.

Physical education is one the pillars of children’s education, and it’s important to start encouraging positive behaviours from a young age.

Wattle Road Early Education Centre is dedicated to providing opportunities for children to learn and grow through physical activity. To get your child involved in the Little Wolfies program, enrol at Wattle Road Early Education Centre today, or phone us on 02 8094 8777.