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Confidence in your child’s transition to High School

It is a delight to see how much John Colet’s Year 6 students have grown and developed within themselves over the past 7 years. We have been celebrating with our end of year activities including picnic day, our speech night (which was actually during the day this year) and lots of fun-filled activities. Our year 6 students are off on their next adventure in the New Year and we are confident they’re ready for the transition to High School. Many of these students have been at John Colet from the beginning of their Primary education and as sad as it may be to see them leave, it is just as exciting to see them begin this next stage of their journey.

Supporting our students

At John Colet, supporting our students is a main priority. When it comes to providing support, we don’t just provide it on an academic level. We want to be able to see our students strive for greatness across all levels. Academically, socially, creatively and developmentally. We aim to support them in all aspects of their lives and provide them with the skills and resources they need to do so.

One of the ways that we do this is with teachers who are there with them throughout their infant years. Teachers that can see the changes and developments of the students across multiple years in primary, then build on these skills with them. By doing this, the students are able to build relationships with their teachers, grow trust with them and be comfortable asking for help or assistance with different tasks.

The transition from Primary school to High School can be a daunting one. A change of environment, routine and faces. It is a transition that we work closely with our students on. Rather than throwing them into the deep end, we talk about the differences, do exercises to help them with the changes and most of all, support their feelings and reservations that they may have.

Our students show their gratitude

During the end of year celebrations, we have been able to see and hear about the experiences our students have had whilst being at John Colet and how they are excited to begin their next chapter.

“I have had some of the most terrifying and exciting moments at John Colet” John Colet’s 2021 Head Boy explained in a speech. During his time at John Colet, he was able to learn many different things, experience different ways of learning and build various skills. At times, some of these things may have seemed terrifying doing them for the first time, but John Colet provided exercises to equip students and build resilience that they are grateful for.

It is not just the Year 6 students that are leaving that are able to show their gratitude for their time at John Colet. Our Year 5 students recently put on a lunch for the Year 6 students, to thank them for their help and assistance over the years and to wish them the best in their next journey. Connection and comradery between students, teachers and parents is a strength throughout the school community.

A community, not just a school

At John Colet, we are a community, a family. We aren’t just a school. We are a place where our students feel comfortable, safe and secure. John Colet is able to provide your child with the necessary skills that they need both now and into the future. Not just academically, but in all aspects of their lives. Through our education programs, social exercises and classroom atmosphere our students are able to show their full potential, be creative and follow the paths that make them the happiest.

Whether in the coming years your child is just about to start school or you are looking at changing schools partway through their primary years – John Colet is here to help. Rest assured and have confidence that your child by age 12 will be fit for high school. John Colet prepares them in making the transition easier, provides them with support and gives them the best primary years that they could ask for.

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