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Comfy’s Coat – a sensory resource to help children manage big emotions

Comfy‘s Coat is a story about a bear and is a plush toy with a fabulous coat. But, he is so much more. He is the product of a long career by Kaylene Harry who has worked with children and families and wants to provide a resource to comfort as well as support children and adults in the area of managing emotions.

Comfy’s story is a great resource to help children manage emotions. The book is full of strategies and scripts for emotion coaching. The book helps parents and educators to address a range of emotions including anxiety, anger, grief and sensory processing disorders. Comfy is a super-soft toy bear and is designed to be used to store an array of sensory toys to support little ones to manage these big feelings. Comfy’s Coat is written and designed by a local school counsellor and parent educator Kaylene Harry.

Some ideas for things to go in Comfy’s pockets:

Fill Comfy’s coat pockets with sensory or fidget items that children can use for emotion regulation and sensory modulation. Anything your child loves the feel, look, smell or sound of, that soothes and calms them, and that you are ok with. The aim is to discover what your child responds to and finds satisfying. Your occupational therapist might also have some ideas. Find some ideas here.

Comfy can sit in your room’s calming corner for the moments when children need a time out to soothe.