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Calling all mummas… it?s time.

It?s time to set a little time aside for yourself and start looking after your own health.

As a mum (admittedly of only one) I know the chaos that having children throws into your life, and I understand that as mums we are constantly spinning plates and inevitably have very little time to focus on ourselves.

I?m guilty of putting off making appointments for myself?…but when it comes to my son?s health and wellbeing I make it an absolute priority.

It?s time for a change. Time to put yourself on the priority list.

There are some things in life that we can?t change, so let’s not worry about those right now. But, there are some things in life that we can change?..

Being pregnant and giving birth unquestionably changes the female body, and while some mums are able to come out of the other side without any physical issues, others experience a whole world of life changing issues.

I know women who have had three babies and physically been unscathed, yet on the other hand I know women who after having one baby experienced bladder leakage and pelvic organ prolapse.

Losing control of your bladder in public as an adult can definitely be put on the list of ?worst nightmares?, yet current statistics suggest that over 1 in 3 women experience incontinence.

Now this could be a slight leak when you cough or sneeze, or a loss of control sometimes when you?re out for a run or kicking the ball about with your little ones. It could also be a complete loss of control when you get that ridiculous urge to go to the toilet RIGHT NOW!

I want to highlight that whilst this is common, it?s not normal and it?s not healthy.

I want to tell you that there is hope out there, and that whether you?re 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years into being a mum then you can make a change and can regain your life.

Your pelvic floor function is one of the things in life that you CAN CHANGE.

There?s such easy access to information on the internet now that you may have googled pelvic floor exercises and tried them for a while. You may have had a slight change, or seen no improvement at all, which is disheartening and frustrating.

Just like all other muscles in the body, the pelvic floor needs an exercise program specific to you as an individual. You wouldn?t go in the gym and do the same weight session as everyone else?..a good trainer would modify the weights and repetitions to suit you to get the best possible outcome.

Your pelvic floor is exactly the same and needs an individualised program to overcome the issues you are experiencing?…and this is where a Women?s Health Physiotherapist can help you make those changes and ultimately improve your quality of life.

A Women?s Health Physio will complete a thorough assessment. This will include getting a good understanding of your history and symptoms, determining whether you can squeeze your pelvic floor correctly (many women can?t) and if so how strong it is?

Is it strong enough to do the activities that you want to do? What are your goals?… you just want to be able to ?sneeze successfully?? or do you want to return to high impact sport and gym training?

A Women?s Health Physiotherapist can work with you to make the changes required to achieve your goals. Over 80% of women with bladder control issues can improve or cure their symptoms when guided by a Women?s Health Physiotherapist.

I encourage you to take the first step in overcoming your ?issue? and call a Women?s Health Physiotherapist for an assessment. You are not alone, and you can make the change.

Article was provided by Kelly Jameson from Activate Physio For Women.

Kelly is originally from the UK where she completed her post-graduate qualification in Physiotherapy in 2006. With experience in sports injuries and occupational rehabilitation, Kelly now focuses her attention to Women?s Health Issues and believes that physiotherapy can make a huge difference to the quality of life of many women who are suffering in silence.?Kelly set up Activate Physio For Women in 2018, a Women’s Health Physio clinic in Cromer created specifically to assess and treat pregnancy, postnatal, pelvic floor and incontinence issues.

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