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Business in the Spotlight: Just for Kids Physiotherapy

Cathy Molloy at Just for Kids Physiotherapy is a titled paediatric physiotherapist skilled in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of conditions affecting the movement, motor, and musculoskeletal development of children of all ages – from infancy through to adolescents.

Paediatric physiotherapy is a speciality area of physiotherapy. Children are anatomically, physically, and psychologically different to adults and so require interventions which reflect this difference. Just ask a 6 year old to do 10 squats and you’ll understand!

Whether you have a referral from your paediatrician or GP for a specific condition, or you are concerned about a particular aspect of your child’s physical development, Cathy has extensive knowledge and practical experience in assessing and providing intervention for a broad range of conditions.

For infants:

  • born preterm
  • difficulty turning their heads
  • flat spots on the back or side of their heads
  • dislike of tummy time
  • slow to meet milestones such as rolling, crawling, and walking
  • developmental dysplasia of the hip – application and monitoring in harness
  • musculoskeletal foot conditions
  • congenital diagnosis and disability

For toddlers:

  • slow to meet milestones such as jumping and climbing
  • frequent falls and difficulty with coordination or balance
  • lower limb alignment concerns – bow legs, knock knees, and pigeon toes

For children:

  • growth related complaints
  • poor posture
  • hypermobility and connective tissue disorders
  • gait assessments
  • musculoskeletal injury and surgery

Just for Kids Physio is clinic based in Warriewood with capacity for home, school, and community visits. Individual aquatic physiotherapy sessions for infants and children with additional needs are also offered.

Private Health Cover: a rebate on physiotherapy fees is available through many private health insurers. Please check with your insurer. HICAPS is available in the clinic.

Medicare Rebates: if your child requires ongoing treatment from more than 1 health provider, they may be eligible for a Team Care Arrangement Plan. Please discuss this with your GP.

NDIS: for NDIS funded children, fees and terms of service provision are in accordance with NDIS recommendations.

Phone: 0408 799 282