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The team at Tailored Teeth Mona Vale is committed to delivering exceptional dental services with a focus on quality and excellence. Our carefully curated treatment journey ensures that every visit provides you with maximum value and outstanding results. We prioritise your comfort by allocating ample time for each appointment, allowing treatments to be completed at a relaxed pace without any rush.

Your customer experience is of utmost importance to us. When you visit our practice, you become the center of our attention. We guarantee a service filled with genuine smiles and a team that genuinely cares. Whether you're seeking dental or cosmetic treatments, we are dedicated to providing personalised care that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations.

Experience the Tailored Teeth Journey by booking a consultation appointment with our exceptional team. Discover how our services can transform your smile and enhance your oral health. As leaders in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, our caring and highly experienced team is passionate about creating beautiful and healthy smiles that last a lifetime. Trust us to deliver the outstanding results you deserve. Learn more about our services below and embark on your journey to a radiant smile.

Our Services:

-Dental Implants
Our dental practitioners are the leaders in dental implants, we are experts in Teeth on Implants®.

-Cosmetic Dentistry
Are you embarrassed to show your smile? Give your smile a makeover, design your new smile with your dentist today!

-Digital Smile Design
Want to see what your smile will look like before dental treatment? Well, guess what, you can with Digital Smile Design!

-Invisalign & Orthodontics
Invisalign is an innovative procedure that straightens the teeth without the use of braces.

-Preventative Dentistry
From Preventative and Children’s Dentistry to Wisdom Teeth and Dentures, we’ll help your smile last a lifetime.

-Snoring, Sleep Apnoea & Grinding
Oral appliances can be an effective method of treating both snoring and sleep apnoea.

Suite 1, 1731 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale
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9997 1122
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