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Back to daycare made easy with Living Textiles range of daycare bedding

Sending your little one to childcare can be daunting, not only for children but for caregivers and parents too! We all want to make sure our little one is safe and comfortable in their new environment. With this in mind, Living Textile’s Australia has created a range of bedding specifically designed for child care cot’s, stacking beds and mats using their soft and breathable 100% cotton jersey fabrics that parents know and love.

Using designs from their latest collections, the range has smart features such as integrated top sheets, pillowcases and blankets, so you never lose them. Another clever and design-forward feature is the matching fabric bags with name labels and elastic loops to secure over stacking bed legs. Best of all, the whole range is machine washable!

Available in a range of styles to suit any day-care sleeping situation and in a cute assortment of designs, these childcare sheets are sure to be a winner for children and parents alike.


A lot of day-cares now ask parents to bring linen and what type you need all depends on your centre. Standard cot sheets won’t securely fit childcare centre cots as they are often smaller, and for toddlers, many centres use stacking beds (like a camping bed) or a foam mat. Check out the range of day-care bedding designs to perfectly fit each option and provide your little one with the best naptime sleep!

Babies: 0-12months (not yet walking or climbing)

Toddlers: 1-5yrs – your centre has stacking beds

Toddlers: 1-5yrs – your centre has floor mats (this option also fits stacking beds)

All these sheets are available at

Use code NBDAYCARE20 for 20% off.