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An astrologer shares school holiday ideas for all twelve sun signs

The Summer holiday break can be long! Here’s some ideas for how to fill the days, based on your kid’s zodiac signs.


These self-motivated kids are likely to be off, doing their own thing without any pushing. They’ll be riding bikes, creating adventures and beginning businesses. If they do need a suggestion, try setting up a mini-olympics. Ruled by warrior-like Mars, they’ll respond well to any games that trigger their competitive side.


Got a bed-loving snuggly kid, who resists all your pokes and prods to get on with their day? Taureans love a bit of comfort and will happily screen away the day. Appeal to their indulgent side, by enticing them into the kitchen to cook pancakes. Their love of pleasant surroundings also extends to nature, so get then out for a walk or the beach. Just plan ahead – they don’t respond well to surprises.


Playdates should keep these kids busy. They love company – the more the merrier! A holiday club hosted at the local library could keep their brains and hands busy. When stuck at home alone, give them an exercise book and get them writing their life story – it’ll be a great keepsake for the future!


Natural nurturers, you can keep Cancer kids busy by entrusting them something to care for. They’ll take their responsibilities quite seriously, so they’re perfect for helping with tasks for neighbours – such as watering pot plants or taking care of pets. Food is love for Cancers, so get them cooking – cakes should be popular!


Born to be in the spotlight, these kids do well when leading a gang of friends off on adventures. They have a need to push their boundaries and take some risks – try to facilitate this in safe ways such as a trampoline parks or gym classes. On rainy days, let them transform the lounge room into a stage – hang sheets for curtains and let them entertain you!


These natural organisers should enjoy an end-of-year declutter. Watch some Marie Kondo with them, and let them loose reorganising their rooms for the new year. K-Mart have good cheap organisation options – they’ll love containers and a fun labelling system. Virgos can also be interested in their health – show them how to use a blender and let them enjoy whipping up their own smoothies and juices.


A social, air sign, these kids need groups of people, so this is another sign that needs playdates or vacation care. Painting, ceramics or craft classes are a good option. Sign them and their friends up – it’ll satisfy both their need for company and creativity.


Keen observers, Scorpio kids are drawn to mystery and secrets. Buy a box of magic tricks for them to master – they’ll diligently practice until they’ve perfected them. Games such as treasure hunts work well too – but if playing with others, make sure there’s enough prizes for everyone – Scorpios are not always good at sharing.


These kids need space to roam. Let them adventure around the neighbourhood (within safe bounds) and create their own games. Country based Sag kids may spend the entire holiday off with their dogs and horses. City kids might enjoy visiting a different neighbourhood, such as ChinaTown.


Being idle doesn’t suit these kids, who prefer to live with purpose. Set them an end-of-holiday goal, such as building a new cubby house. They’ll enjoy planning, learning skills and working away towards completing it. Money-minded, they may like to set up a lemonade stall or take on paid dog-walking for neighbours.


With rational minds, these kids may thrive with a book of science projects that stretches their understanding of how the world works. Passionate about technology, they’ll be reaching for screens as much as you’ll allow – try channeling them into coding or more education-based activities. 


Imaginative and emotional, Pisceans love the distractions of movies and immersive environments such as the cinema. Water signs, they can spend hours at the beach, exploring rock pools or just enjoying water play in the backyard. One advantage of the La Nina is the lack of water restrictions – turn on the sprinkler and leave them to play for hours!

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