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All You Need to Know About Security Fencing

We observe that house owners have fences mounted on their property. A fence in a simple way, is to kind of protect or safeguard our property against burglars, various animals, and safety measures for children during their playing times.

So, it is important to have a good and a strong fence rather than having a weak one where a burglar can easily pass through or cut through it. In other words, we need a fence which doesn?t have any secret hiding places, is long enough so that no one is able climb over it, and which cannot be bypassed with ease.

No hiding place: During your shopping always ask for a see-through security fence. This way you should be able to see the people who are on the opposite side of the fence.

Difficult to climb: It?s advisable to have a fence that is at least 8 feet in height. Well, as we can say, the taller the fence, better the security it provides. But most of the house owners and home owners association (HOA as we call them) have certain rules as to how tall a fence needs to be.

Horizontal Rails: These can give burglars a leg up when they try to get into your house from over the fence.

Spikes on its top: Having a security fence with a spike or a pointed top has its own advantages. You get to choose from wide variety of option available, but the most popular of them all is the one with a spear top. By using such fences, you can keep burglars away.

Security: The security fence has to be well placed on the ground. You can secure it using concrete and make sure that there is no space between the fence and the ground. This way you can be sure that no one can bypass the fence.

Not able to cut through: Common fences like chain link are easily cut using bolt cutters. So, the security fence you choose needs to have very strong chains that cannot be cut. You can choose the ones made using hard metal or aluminium.

Having Secured Gates: We can always have heavy duty gates matching the security of the fence panel, you need to make sure to padlock the gates as well.

Above said security measures are met by 2 types of security fences namely.

Metal Security fencing consists of tall metal rods spread out evenly. These look stylish and are low in maintenance.

Wire Mesh fencing ? As we go by the name itself, these are tightly woven grid of wires coming in panels usually hung in between the metal poles. The mesh wire is hard enough and cannot be cut. But make sure you choose a mesh fencing of high quality.

There are houses that adapt to having a short, decorative fence in the front yard which is not recommended if we go by the security measures. It?s important to have a fence that?s long enough for a third person to climb over and not so high as well such that it can act as a hiding place for a burglar.

Short Fence won?t be impassable; it improves your overall security by serving as a mental barrier, making it harder to go unnoticed and eliminating quick gateways. Effective way for a security fence is it should go around the entire front yard with gates being locked. Else the fence doesn?t add any security measure and only ends up being a decorative piece which leaves an open path to your home.