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A Cut Above: How to Choose The Best Kitchen Knife

Knives are probably the most versatile tool in the kitchen. But how do you select one knife over another? Which is suitable for each job in the kitchen? It can all be a bit much, especially if you just need an all-purpose knife for slicing and dicing.

Minimax to the rescue. Our incredible range of kitchen knives will provide you with have you slicing with the best in no time.

We can assist you in selecting that one special knife or a complete set that best suits your needs from our collection found here.

However, if you’re a little unsure which knife you should choose, let’s see if we can help you with a little sharp advice.

Choosing the perfect knife

In a rush to get a meal prepared, we’re all tempted to just use one knife for pretty much everything. But if you choose the right knife for the job, you’ll save time, and preparation will be even easier.

The paring knife

A little knife with a short blade is usually 50 to 100mm long. Its small size makes it easier to slice smaller fruit and vegetables such as ginger, mushrooms, strawberries or apple peeling.

The utility knife

A medium-sized knife with a blade around 150 to 200mm long, utility knives are perfect for cutting larger foods such as cheese, stone fruit and vegetables like onions and carrots and slicing fish.

The chef knife

It’s the knife you’ll use more often than any other. With a blade around 200 to 350mm in length, it’s the all-purpose knife for dicing and slicing fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. If you can get a feel for this larger and heavier knife, you’ll find it indispensable for cutting just about anything.

The serrated knife

Not just the knife you use for slicing artisan sourdough! Serrated blades are perfect for foods with a firm outer and a soft centre, such as tomatoes. It’s also convenient for cutting delicate desserts with flaky pastry or meringue.

The Santoku knife

Having its origins in Japan, think of the Santoku as the chef knife’s younger brother. It can do pretty much everything a chef’s knife can do without the weight. So if you have small hands and a little more control with your knife, the Santoku is a must in your knife block.

The boning knife

Not an essential knife, but a nice-to-have for most kitchens. Particularly if you do a lot of cooking, at around 150mm in length, boning knives are incredibly sharp. These thin blades are used for trimming fat and carving meat off bones.

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