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9 Of The Best Natural Health & Beauty Trends From 2020

Wellness trends come and go, but according to Peta Shulman, founder of GoodnessMe, Australia’s largest health food sampling service, some have (and will) stand the test of time. Below, the female entrepreneur, Sydney-sider and mum-to-be shares the natural health and beauty trends she believes are here to stay!

  1. Collagen

Collagen and ingestible beauty supplements are amongst the biggest trends I’ve seen a surge in popularity in! Collagen is the most abundant protein present in the human body, responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails and over the years and I truly believe beauty starts from the inside out. One of my favourite ways to get my collagen fix is through nourishing bone broth which is also great for immunity and gut health.

  1. Natural sugar alternatives

Have you heard? Refined sugar is out and natural sweetener alternatives are in! More and more people are saying goodbye to the white sugary stuff and hello to natural substitutes like maple syrup, rice malt syrup, coconut sugar and honey. Stevia is also being used  more in baking and creation of raw treats and monk fruit sweetener has also been huge this year given the fact it’s so easy to work with!

  1. Adaptogens

Although currently trending, adaptogens in the form of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs have been used for thousands of years! Adaptogens are natural substances that may help the body adapt to environmental and psychological stresses and support major systems such as the adrenal glands. Some of my all-time favourites include; Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha and Ginseng which I find helps with energy and stress.

  1. Sleep elixirs

Sleep elixirs or lunar lattes are designed to help calm your body, reduce anxiety and promote a restful sleep and I love that they come in so many different varieties which you can simply mix with hot water or nut milk. They consist of a blend of herbs, spices and adaptogens and have become one of my go-to ways to wind down on an evening.

  1. Lymphatic health

I’ve recently discovered gua sha which is great for lymphatic drainage and depuffing the face. I find that it’s a great morning or nightime routine which also comes with relaxation benefits and I love combining this technique with some luxe facial oils. Personally, I try and drink a minimum of 2L of water each day to improve circulation and help flush out toxins as well.

  1. Alternative flours

I’m excited to discover more interesting flour alternatives that make at-home baking more creative and of course, healthier. Chances are you’ve already come across flour made from things like cauliflower, chickpea, hemp and banana – and you better believe there’ll be lots more where this came from!

  1. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit which boasts a texture similar to that of “pulled pork” or “shredded chicken” which is what makes it a great substitute for many different dishes and cuisines! Jackfruit has become an extremely popular meat alternative for vegans and vegetarians and I don’t see this slowing down any time soon.

  1. ‘Everything’ spreads

Although peanut butter, tahini and chia jam have reigned supreme in the arena of spreads, we’re getting a lot more creative when it comes to what we’re putting on our toast (or eating by the spoonful!). Watermelon seed spread was a HUGE hit this year, so all I can say is… watch this space!

  1. Oat milk

One thing’s for sure, consumers are becoming WAY more conscious about how their purchasing behaviour is impacting the environment. In this way, oat milk is becoming a hugely popular milk alternative because it translated to less emissions compared to cow’s milk and less water use compared to almond milk. Plus, it tastes delicious!

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