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8 Ways To Stay Connected With Overseas Loved Ones

Communication is crucial in every relationship with your family, friends, or significant other while you’re away. It will allow you to express how you feel like being homesick, among others. Even a simple photo or video from them will surely turn your mood around. It would feel as though you’re at home, spending time with them. 

Nowadays, it has become relatively easier to stay in touch thanks to technology. However, the charm of doing it traditionally never gets old. Read the rest of the article to learn eight easy ways to stay connected with your friends and family.   

Meet Your Loved Ones Virtually

You may be thousands of miles apart, but friends and family are important parts of your life. It’s nice to have someone you can share your thoughts, feelings, and problems with, apart from your significant other. You can stay connected with the ideas below even if you can’t be physically present. 

Talk Regularly Using Online Applications

You can use video conference apps or social media platforms to call your loved ones. Choose your preferred app or platform and see if it’s available globally. Decide on a schedule on the best time to call and plan on a backup time or date. It’s ideal to meet halfway where it’s convenient for you to call each other. 

Celebrate Special Occasions Remotely 

Plan ahead; mark that day on your calendar to be reminded. Perhaps you can send them gifts that you personally curate and wrap. You can find packaging essentials from Stanley Packaging to make it extra special. In addition, you can also send them their favourite food. Find a reliable and trustworthy online food delivery outlet. You may not be physically there to hand over the gift, but it’s the effort that truly counts. 

Create A Group Chat 

This is a quick way to update, plan, schedule a virtual date, or have a family get-together. You can use it to share photos or videos, even if they see them hours later.  

Host Virtual Game Nights

Yes, it’s possible to play with your loved ones virtually. There are many online games you can play with multiple players. Choose a game that you all can enjoy and have a blast. 

Stream Movies And TV Shows 

Watch your favourite movies or tv shows together. There are streaming services that allow you to do that and chat simultaneously.

Do It The Old Fashioned Way

When was the last time you got a letter, postcard, or care package in the mail? The excitement and thrill of opening the envelope or shipping boxes without knowing what’s in it are priceless. It’s an incredible experience that social media can’t replace. Moreover, old-school ways of communicating still work, and it’s another way to capture your receiver’s attention. 

Here are ways you can communicate in an old-fashioned way:

Make Handwritten Letters 

Sending a snail mail tells the recipient that you made an effort and took the time to write about how you feel. It’s not just the letter but choosing the stationery to use or doing a DIY arts and crafts moment and possibly showing off your calligraphy skills. 

Furthermore, these letters can be kept for years. It’d be nice to see a box of letters that you both can read when you get together in the future. Think about it. If your parents or grandparents could do this in the past, you can do it too, even in this digital age of instant messaging. However, refrain from sending urgent news that requires immediate attention as it could take some time before it will reach your loved ones. 

You can also invest in personalized stationery, fountain pen, and wax seal while you’re at it.

Send Them Postcards 

If you plan on travelling the world, you can write a note and send it to your loved ones. It’s another way to share your experiences through a postcard. You may send this together with your handwritten letter. And like your letters, these can last a lifetime if stored properly. It can also be a nice decor on the recipient’s wall. They can have it framed and displayed in their bedroom or living room. 

In addition, if you’re not fond of the ready-made postcards in the souvenirs shops, you can create your own. A few websites allow you to send a design or photos and make it into a postcard. Or you can take pictures using a film camera, have them printed, paste them in a paper frame, and then send it along with your handwritten letters.

Mail A Care Package  

Sometimes, words are not enough to express your feelings; therefore, consider sending a care package. You can either order online or curate it yourself. You can send them souvenirs or food, snacks, delicacies that can only be found in your current location. Choose nonperishable food items. You may include some other things that they can remember you by.


Treasure all the beautiful moments with your loved ones despite the distance. Always find time to get together and make plans about things you can all do virtually. Or you can go the extra mile and send them packages or letters. 

But ultimately, go out of your way and come home and be with them. Nothing can ever compensate for your presence.

Allein Jones is a freelance writter. She writes blog posts, guest posts, and book reviews to share her thoughts, knowledge, and passion. Allein loves reading books and watching movies.