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7 Tips to Successful Investing and Wealth Creation

The current Covid era has left many of us spinning and feeling less than secure about where our lives are heading and what the future holds. The last few years has undoubtedly brought with it a level of increasing discomfort as we navigate through unchartered waters.

This feeling of uncertainty has led to many of us reassessing our priorities and shining a light on what’s most important to us.

For a long time, Australians have built wealth through property, but as property prices continue to rise around the country, many are being locked out of purchasing an investment property, let alone their dream home.

In an attempt to gain back some control over their financial future, men and women from Gen Z through to the elderly, are looking at options they might never have considered before – and they are finding them!

With the help of technology, there are more viable options to create wealth than ever before, and it is a fantastic time to explore the opportunities.

Whether you are new to wealth creation or you have been investing for some time and looking to diversify your portfolio, there is always something new to learn and some timely reminders to keep in mind.

1. It starts with WHY

On the surface, people may appear to be investing for the sole purpose of making money. Dig a little deeper though, and there is always an underlying reason that acts as a strong driver towards the end result.

Before you ask, ‘how do I start’ or ‘where do I begin’, it is more important to ask, ‘why do I want to invest?’ There are numerous reasons people embark on the path of wealth creation including:

  • financial independence
  • a comfortable retirement
  • paying for university
  • increasing quality of life or
    creating a portfolio to provide financial support for loved ones

If you know why you are trying to make money, it will be easier to determine the best strategy and the next step in setting some goals.

2. Getting organised

One of the greatest investments a person can make is the investment in themselves.

The journey to creating wealth is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and begin to educate yourself in areas that will benefit you in the long term – financial literacy.

Make a plan to:

  • Eliminate debt – it frees up more capital
  • Spend less than you earn – expenses have a habit of fitting the income available • Save whatever you can – every dollar counts
  • Avoid money ‘sitting’ – make it grow or work for you

3. Setting some goals

The first step in setting financial goals is knowing how much you currently have to invest and the timeframe you are looking to invest for. Investing for longer allows you to ride the market and reinvest dividends as you receive them. It also gives you the benefit of increased experience and greater opportunities for learning.

Your goals will ultimately determine your strategy and guide you to which options will give you the best return on investment for your desired outcome.

4. A word about risk

All investments come with risk. Only you can determine what your appetite for risk is.

The market is naturally volatile. Knowing the normal range of normal fluctuation is key to maximising returns and minimising stress.

Investigating many different options and playing out different scenarios will give you a better chance of picking investments that best suit your risk profile. Diversification plays a vital role in your long-term strategy, as does making informed and calculated decisions while building your financial portfolio.

Successful investing is about managing risk, not eliminating it. Using a tool such as Diversiview will play a vital part in your process of risk assessment.

5. Creating your portfolio

This is often seen as one of the hardest parts and the most exciting parts of building wealth. However, any experienced investor will tell you, ‘Get educated or don’t bother’. Getting financial education and seeking guidance from the experts can make the difference in creating a positive investing experience – or not.

Each step to wealth creation is important in the big picture but perhaps taking your time in this stage is one of the most crucial.

Whether you choose to invest in shares, stocks, ETF’s, bonds, superannuation or property, you need to begin with a basic understanding of how each opportunity works and continue to build on this knowledge.

6. Managing your portfolio

Your reason for investing is ultimately to create wealth and gain capital growth, so keep a long-term perspective. It is easy for inexperienced investors to panic as soon as the market falls and feel the urge to sell before they potentially lose any more.

A seasoned investor understands the natural rise and fall of the market. They are diligent and continually monitor their financial portfolio, checking, re-assessing, and validating their investments along the way.

7. Ongoing learning

There is a multitude of podcasts, apps, blogs, and other resources that can enhance your financial literacy no matter where you are on your investment journey.

Unlike property, you don’t need a large deposit to begin investing, with some platforms literally using spare change to start the process.

With so many ways to enter the market and to diversify your investments across multiple options, continually increasing your financial literacy is vital. It has never been easier to stay in the loop and keep researching with many organisations specialising in various parts of the journey.

In a nutshell

An important part of investing in a diversified portfolio and growing your wealth is to feel secure, informed and supported in your money matters. There is an endless stream of data and analysis out there and it could take a lifetime to sort through it all.

Diversiview is the only platform of its kind. It provides a powerful resource that easily dismantles large amounts of data giving you easy to absorb, visual, and informative insights. This allows you to make more informed decisions without getting bogged down in detail.

Take a complimentary trial of Diversiview today and benefit from over two decades of experience in the industry.

Dr Laura Rusu is the Founder and CEO of LENSELL®, a Melbourne based Fintech that aims to democratise access to financial and non-financial corporate performance information and help people make better decisions with data-driven insights.

Laura’s experience spans over 25 years across several industries (finance, healthcare, education, aviation, government), including 10 years in academia and research. She is a published author and an innovator with 6 USPTO patents and 2 IBM Invention Awards. Laura is also an Elected member of the Data Sharing Committee of the Technical Advisory Board at the Australian Computer Society, and a mentor with the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) program run by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).