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6 Ways To Spread The Holiday Cheer In The Midst Of A Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has made everyone’s year though, and many would be happy to move on from this crisis. Because of it, many people lost their jobs, temporarily or permanently closed their businesses, postponed their studies, and have to work or study from their homes. Even the simple joys and activities that people used to do has been prohibited, such as face-to-face gatherings, parties, travelling, and sitting together in restaurants while sharing the same table.  

Thus, it’s only understandable if many people these days don’t feel the holiday cheer like they used to in the past. Before this pandemic, many of you looked forward to Christmas shopping, carolling, attending various Christmas parties, and playing with snow outdoors. Now, most people’s attention is directed to the pandemic and its corresponding adverse effects on people’s lives.  

How To Find Joy And Spread Holiday Cheer Amidst The Pandemic

Still, there are ways that can help adjust your mindset and attitude toward the upcoming holidays. With a positive mindset and the right actions, you’re more likely to experience a merrier Christmas and make that festive cheer more contagious. 

  1. Send Christmas Cards 

Even with the ongoing pandemic, nothing can stop you from sending Christmas cards to your loved ones. Christmas cards are way better and more sentimental than those quick text messages. So, while you have more time in your hands being stuck at home, utilize this time to create Christmas cards and mail them to your loved ones.  

If you want your Christmas cards to bring more meaning and cheer to the people who matter most to you, you can order bulk Christmas cards from charity websites. In this option, every card you purchase goes to your choice of charity. This means that while you’re spreading your personalized and touching messages to your loved ones, you’re also helping the people in need have a merrier Christmas. 

  1. Give Away Holiday Gift Baskets 

Another way to spread the holiday cheer is by giving holiday gift baskets to your friends and family. You can fill these up with holiday goods (e.g., cookies, biscuits, cupcakes), cocoa, puzzle and card games, and some snow gloves and hats. Then, you can drop them off on their porches or let the delivery men do it for you. Imagine how pleasantly surprised they’d be after opening their front doors and seeing gift baskets waiting for them. With a touch of creativity and effort, you can spread the holiday bliss in their doors.  

  1. Host A Virtual Christmas Gathering 

While the pandemic has limited people’s face-to-face gatherings and parties, that doesn’t mean you can never host one for this year. Thanks to the advanced technologies in this modern era, now it’s possible to host virtual Christmas dinners with the people you love and care about. Together, you can cook your individual Christmas meals and gather through a video call. From there, you can eat your meals while talking virtually as if you’re in one place.  

The main point here is to connect with your loved ones, regardless of how you do it. Even if you’re not in close proximity with your friends and families, you can still enjoy the holidays together.

  1. Donate To Charity 

Spreading the holiday bliss isn’t only limited to your friends and family. You can also do it for the less fortunate who are in need, especially during this pandemic. Donating to charity won’t only give happiness to these people, but this is also an excellent way to declutter your home for the holidays. So, start scrabbling through your closets and cabinets, and find which items are reusable for these people. 

You can donate your old clothes, toys, books, appliances, and furniture to any charity you support. Just make sure only to donate things that are still reusable and free from damage. If it’s impossible to drop off the donation boxes by yourself, you can always avail free donation pick-up services, and they’ll be the ones to deliver them to your supported charity. 

  1. Do Your Gift Shopping Online 

Since many people avoid crowded places, such as malls and stores, you can still do your gift shopping online and ship your gifts early so they can arrive at Christmas time. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from shopping for gifts for your loved ones.  

  1. Keep Up With Your Christmas Decorations 

Remember how excited and cheerful you used to feel like a child every time you saw houses and parks light up with Christmas decorations and lights?  You can share the same feeling with others by filling your home’s exterior with bright decorations and Christmas lights. Children, neighbours, and anyone who passes by your house will surely smile and feel excited as they’re reminded of the holiday spirit through your decorations.  


While this Christmas is unlike the ones you used to experience before, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to spread the holiday cheer. In this pandemic, spreading happiness and positivity has become more important to remind everyone that hope and global healing are coming. So, take note of these tips and start planning your Christmas celebration this year.  

Margie D. Mathis is a professional lifestyle guru. She’s been in this industry for over ten years now. She often shares her lifestyle tips through guest posts and conducting webinars. During her vacant time, Margie enjoys travelling and baking with her kids.