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6 Signs Your Relationship Is Strong Enough to Get Engaged

Years into a relationship can really get you thinking; is it the time?

You find yourself tripping over the thought of marriage. Sometimes running and sometimes dreaming.

Well, it’s a big decision. So, it’s fine if you’re nervous and anxious. It’s fine if you’re overthinking and questioning yourself now and then.

But it’s not fine to let yourself stay in this place for long. As soon as this worry gets on your head, replace the I in your thoughts with we.

And that’s because you, alone, will never be ready for it. You need your partner to be with you in this.

With that said, know that it’s a healthy sign that the worry popped up. It means you’re subconsciously willing to head in this direction. So, it’s best to take the discussion and worry in your head to mutual grounds and sort it out with your partner.

On that note, we’ve listed six signs that suggest your relationship is strong enough to get engaged. These can help you guys’ figure things out much more easily.

#1. You’re comfortable voicing concerns.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. So, the first and most prominent indicator of a ripe relationship is the ease of communication between the two individuals. If you feel you can talk about anything without having to face consequences, congratulations. You’re in a healthy, mature, and ready-to-marry relationship.

But if you find yourself weighing your words, fearing the consequences, or uncomfortable discussing certain subjects, you should give yourselves some time. Overcome your fears and check what things look like.

#2. You’ve been planning the big day.

Weddings are scary. Lifetime commitment sounds caging.

So, if your partner is enthusiastically browsing wedding venues, carefully picking an onyx wedding band out of list of engagement rings, and suggesting what your family may look like, it’s time you leap. They’re happily dedicating themselves to you in their thoughts, dreams, and ambitions. They’re planning their life around. And we don’t think you need a bigger indicator.

Now, this doesn’t mean you sign up for engagement only because they are enthusiastic. Engagement shouldn’t be a consequence of the moral debt of gratitude. You should only proceed ahead if you, too, feel the same.

#3. Your timelines align.

Some people would stop dating the person they love only because their 10-year plans don’t align. Although that seems a harsh and selfish thing to do, it’s quite just in its place.

How so? Well, if a career-oriented woman decides to give up on her deep-rooted dreams and goes along with her partner’s plan, she’ll find herself unsatisfied later in life. Unless she truly genuinely gives up and embraces a new vision of life. So, the dissatisfaction that surfaces later can wreak havoc on the relationship.

Therefore, it’s best to discuss your future goals and ambitions with your partner and only then further the relationship.

#4. Your families get along.

When your parents start including your partner in family plans, it’s time you make it official. It’s clear that your family has accepted them as a part and is comfortable with them. If they’re excited about having them over, it’s an even better sign.

#5. Your friends get along.

Similar to families, you and your partner should know each other’s friends. You shouldn’t only know them but also like and appreciate them. It’s okay if one or two of your friends don’t get along well with your partner. Dislike is fine and easy to deal with. But make sure no grudges or serious hate are prevailing between any of your friends and your partner.

Ideally, your guys’ friends should be your buddies. And your friends should be his buddies. All cool and clear.

#6. You’ve successfully overcome rough patches.

If a couple says they haven’t argued even once in years together, something isn’t quite right. Either one of them is suppressing their opinions and feelings or they don’t care enough to be authentic. Or perhaps, they haven’t been together for long enough.

So, if that rings some bells for you, it’s better to give some more time to your relationship. You ought to know how well you and your partner can get along well under stress before committing for a lifetime. Now that doesn’t mean you should forcibly give rise to a conflict. Just let nature play its role!

Final Words

The above six signs are the strongest indicators of a healthy relationship. If all six ticked positives for you, it’s time to pop the question! Just make sure you prepare well before you ask your significant other for lifetime togetherness. Keep it meaningful and sweet!