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5 wellness treatments that are becoming more and more common in Australia, and why we are loving them

The wellness industry is changing. COVID has changed the way we do life and we are slowly adapting. Fitness studios and wellness clubs are finding new ways to cater to the demands of their members by introducing new contact-less exercise and touchless spa treatments, but here are the top 5 wellness treatments that are becoming more and more common in Australia and why we are loving them.

1. Zen Rooms
The ultimate way to stop and relax and quiet your mind. We highly recommend the Zen Rooms from Club W in Cronulla. Here you can curate your own experience including choosing the type of scent, lighting and what happens in the room—a relaxing meditation for one, breathe work, stretching, pilates, yoga or tai chi, plus colour therapy and aromatherapy.

Why we are loving Zen rooms: Sensation of calmness, stress reduction and provides a quiet space to process thoughts without being distracted by external factors.

2. Colour therapy
Infrared saunas and quiet rooms are experiencing a surge in popularity when combined with colour therapy to assist your body with its natural healing properties, energy and the ability to soothe. Each colour frequency affects different energy and emotions in the body. For example; Violet is said to bring about concentration and creativity, while Turquoise is used to inspire relaxation and spiritual growth.

Why we are loving colour therapy: Mood-boosting and has the potential to calm, energize and balance Chakras in the body.

3. Wellness pod
How can you get a relaxing massage while still maintaining social distancing protocols? Full body massage chairs with 4D airbag technology can make you feel like you’re being massaged from head to toe by a real person. Whether you’re in need of a relaxing massage with guided meditation or a recovery massage after an intensive workout, wellness pods are the perfect way to enjoy a contact-free massage.

Why we are loving wellness pods: Feels like at least two or three expert massage therapists are working on your body. Nothing beats the light and floaty feeling after a session of being kneaded.

4. Walk and talk groups
If you work from home and live alone, it can leave you feeling isolated and alienated. Walk and talk groups are a great way to make new friends, particularly if you’ve forgotten how to make small talk during lockdown. Walks are generally suitable for everyone of all fitness levels, dog-friendly, pram-friendly and allows you to keep 1.5m apart, yet still benefit from human interaction. For walking groups in Cronulla, contact Club W. The best bit? They’re free!

Why we are loving walk and talk groups: Sets the mood for the day and is a very picturesque walk along the esplanade.

5 O2 Breathing and Meditation Chair
An O2 Breathing and Meditation Chair is a place where you can escape the outside world, relax, unwind and rejuvenate. All you have to do is sit back and let go. With customisable meditation journeys based on whether you want to manifest good things into your life, heal or simply relax, a session will create a sense of peace and clarity of mind.

Why we are loving O2 Breathing and Meditation Chairs: A place that allows you to forget about the outside world and work stress.