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5 Tips to Fix Your Resume and Enjoy a New Start In 2022

Every year approximately 72% of the population make new year resolutions. Unfortunately, most of these people have disbanded their resolutions by the end of January but, the intention was honourable. 

However, you don’t need new year resolutions to make the best possible start to the new year. You simply need the resolve to change your job. All that takes is applying for different ones. Of course, to maximize your chances of success you’re going to want to look at your resume and fix the most common mistakes.

Lack Of Experience

Most employers will be looking to either experience or training. If you’re trying to move into a new field then you’re not going to have the experience they need. The good news is that you don’t need it. Instead, enrol on a local course and gather the skills you need to apply for your new career. It’s easier than you think and starting today means you are already taking steps in the right direction.

Best of all, employers value people that take the initiative. Simply having started the course is often enough to show an employer how serious you are and have them consider your application further.

Check Your Format

People don’t want to see long resumes that take them hours to read. They need a succinct summary of your skills, personality, experience, and other relevant factors.

That starts with consistency in formatting your resume. You’ll want to use the same font throughout.  As you’re trying to keep the resume to one page it can be good to make the margins as narrow as possible without making the resume look strange.

You want everyone to be able to read it easily, which means regular line breaks and spaces between lines.

Consider Your Aims

Your resume must reflect you and what you hope to achieve. Of course, this changes as you age and your experience and desires change.

It is important to look at this section on your resume and, keeping it short, make sure it states what you value and what you hope to achieve.

While this may be off-putting to some potential employers it will help to ensure the job you do find is the right one for you.

Boost Work Experience

If you are switching careers or for any reason don’t have a lot of experience then see if you can do something about it. The answer will depend on your current circumstances but, if you have the time you can volunteer with the right business to boost the experience you have.

This will help you gain experience, learn the ropes, and may even lead to a job offer!

Grammar Check

A resume with spelling errors is never an attractive option. In fact, many employers will be so distracted by this that they will fail to absorb the information you’re offering.

Double-check your resume for spelling and grammar errors. You can also use software to make sure it is as good as it needs to be.