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5 products I can’t live without when it comes to running

Running is something that I do almost every day and I absolutely love it. From having something to train for due to the many events that are on offer worldwide, to merely running for my mental health, it is one sport that does wonders for me.

As it is something I have been doing for years, I have come across some incredible products that have helped me immensely along the way.  Here are the five top products that make the running experience even better for me and why I love them.

Well fitted shoes

I always head into a running shoe specialty store when I am purchasing running shoes. Everyone has different feet and alignments, therefore it makes sense that individuals would need different support  By seeing an expert and having your foot and gait assessed, you are more likely to end up with a pair of shoes that support you better.

Step One Underwear

Step One underwear was pretty much made for active people. Within their boxer brief style underwear, they have created an innovative “UltraGlyde” panel that sits between your thighs to reduce friction. If you are someone who chafes, this is a game-changer! The fabric that they use is also made out of bamboo viscose which is breathable, soft and hypoallergenic.

On the topic of chafing, as a guy, nipple chafing can be very real, especially when running a long distance. I never run more than 10km without some nipple tape, as there is nothing more painful than getting chafed in that area when you are running. 

Foam Roller and Fascia Balls

The more you run, the more you need to recover, and stretching, rolling and massages are a great way to do that. I personally am a fan of facia balls, Senso Balls and foam rollers. I will rarely work out or run without using at least one of these products afterwards to help my muscles recover. Medifit has a great range that you can purchase from a pharmacy near you.


At the moment I am training my 6-year-old son Oli to participate in the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 5k event with me, so I am not really using headphones right now. However, when I run without him, I love listening to music. If you are looking to keep a good pace, aim for a playlist with your songs set to 120-180 bpm to help you get into a good rhythm.


I always run with sunglasses on to protect my eyes from the elements. Make sure you have good sports sunglasses though, as having glasses on that are moving all over your face is just annoying. I usually wear a wraparound pair when I run for comfort and practicality.

There you have it, here are the top products that I use when I am running and they make a huge difference. Running can be hard on your body, so having a few products to help keep you comfortable is always a good idea. 

By Ben Lucas, Director of Flow Athletic and leading running coach