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5 places you?d never think of taking a cruise

When thinking of your next family holiday, taking a cruise to a new and fascinating location is always fun. In fact, taking everyone off the beaten track to discover a new location together is where some of your best family memories are created.?

Whether you are a seasoned cruise ship sailor or new to the idea of having your kids join you on a new cruising adventure, here are some of the best cruise locations that might not immediately come to mind. 

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador ? The 13 main islands are located 1000kms from the coast of Ecuador but a world away from anything you?ve ever seen, then a Galapagos island cruise is sure to delight your entire family. 

As one of the most isolated places on earth, the animals, sea life and plants have adapted and evolved to each island?s ecosystem and geography. In fact, it is said after visiting the Galapagos, Charles Darwin was further inspired to write his ?Evolution of the Species? theory. 

These islands were created through thousands of years of volcanic eruptions and some of the islands still have active volcanos. 

Antarctica, South Pole ? A trip to Antarctica has long been the dream of scientists and intrepid explorers for centuries. And now with cruise companies taking adventurous travellers to see this awe-inspiring destination in the comfort of their ships an Antarctica cruise makes it a perfect family holiday destination. 

Whether you decide to walk along a beach among thousands of penguins in their natural habitat or take a guided kayak or small vessel tour to see magnificent tabular icebergs up close and personal, this will definitely be a one-in-a-lifetime holiday in the ever-changing landscape of Antarctica. 

Yangtze River, China ? The longest river in Asia (and third longest in the world), cruising along the Yangtze River offers some of the most diverse landscapes, scenery and ecosystems in the world. 

A stretch of the upstream section of the river will take you through the deep gorges of western Yunnan, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas. 

Hawaiian Islands, USA ? Seafaring is the way in which the original inhabitants of Hawaii arrived several thousand years ago. So, what better way than to visit them by sea with your family while cruising the Hawaiian Islands. 

Each island offers a unique ecosystem ranging from endless waterfalls, active volcanos, Disney theme parks, desert landscapes or unique flora and fauna. Even better are the views between each island often greeted with spinner dolphins and whales, and of course the greeting of ?Aloha? with everyone you meet. 

New Zealand ? Last but not least is a cruise around our Trans-Tasman neighbours. While we often take a quick flight to visit family, go skiing or exploring by land, cruising around New Zealand is an option most Aussie families forget to consider. 

Whether you want to leave from our Australian shores or begin your cruise on the North or South Island, the views from sea will take your breath away. See Mt Aspiring or Auckland Harbour as the great Maori warriors did many years ago. 

he expertise of the South America Tourism Office (SATO) has been built on the advice and experience of locals who have worked in the travel industry for more than two generations.