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5 Mattress Hacks to Help You Sleep Better

If you are finding that you are not enjoying high-quality sleep, you may be surprised to learn that the main culprit is your mattress. Despite the enormous amount of time we spend on top of the mattress each and every year, not enough people place sufficient importance on making sure that they have a high quality and well cared for mattress. To put this in perspective for you, if you only slept 6 hours per night then each year you would spend 91 days lying on your mattress. Given that most people sleep way more than that per night, you can start to see just how important the mattress is. There is a huge difference between buying an award-winning mattress from the guys at Eva or a standard mattress from a bed store. Buying a great mattress is the first step, once you have done that, these hacks will help you get a great night’s sleep.

Buy a Topper

A mattress topper will not only help to ensure the protection and the longevity of your mattress, it is also going to be great in terms of giving you the support which you need for a great sleep. Even the highest quality mattress manufacturers would recommend using their own toppers, to provide you with additional support. Often the structure of these toppers can compromise the mattress design, which is why they are sold separately.

Flip It

Most modern mattresses can not be flipped upside down, because they feature materials and a design which is aimed towards ergonomically supporting you in your bed. What you will be able to do however is to rotate the mattress 180 degrees, to ensure that the shape remains the same over a long period of time. If you leave the mattress in the same position then it will soon take the shape of your body which will stop it from supporting you as well as it could.

Airing It Out

The last thing you need when sleeping is to breathe in humid air or get itchy because of tiny dust mites which have found their way into your bed. This is why it is critical that your mattress is aired regularly. This will prevent moisture from building up in the mattress which is what creates that humid environment which tiny animals love so much.

Making The Tough Change

Whilst it may provide you with an extra expense, it is important to take action if your mattress isn’t doing the business for you. Some people with lower back pain will enjoy a firm mattress whereas others who need less support may enjoy something softer and more comfortable. The key however is refusing to accept when you are not comfortable, you may simply have to bite the bullet and get a new mattress if you aren’t sleeping well.

Full Support

And finally, it is important that you don’t expect your mattress to do its job unless it too is fully supported. You may not feel the base beneath the mattress but this actually creates the foundation on which the mattress is able to offer you the comfort and stability which you need. Be sure that you have a solid base underneath which can do this for you.

Just think about how much time you will be spending on your mattress this coming year, can you afford to be unportable all that time?