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5 innovative ways to train at home

As busy mums, it can be challenging to find the motivation to work, here are 5 innovative ways to train at home.

Find your own space

Finding a space in your house that you dedicate as your fitness area may be the trick. Whether it be a spare room, an empty corner or even the garage – once you enter this space you know straight away you are there to train and workout!

Create a schedule

Whilst it can be hard for people to stick to schedules with their busy days, writing down your fitness goals for the week can encourage you to stick to your fitness goals! Without writing down in detail what you plan to do each workout, start by scheduling some time, even if it’s a half an hour gap that you can dedicate as time for a quick workout.

Use your internal spaces

Although our homes are not designed to be gym studios, there are sometimes some great features in a house that can be used for a home workout. Stairs, for example, are a great substitute for a stepping machine, walking up and down a flight of stairs safely, a few times can absolutely get the heart rate up!

Use your external spaces

Using your garden space or even your driveway for some laps of running, jogging or some simple stretches is a great resolution for any cardio machines you may be missing.

Convenient products

A product such as HydroCore is a simple bag you fill with water when you are using it that allows you to workout with water dynamics – an effective strengthening workout. Once your workout is complete, this bag can be emptied and folded up under a bed, in a cupboard or in any small area perfect in particular for people with limited space!