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5 Fields of Law To Consider As Your Career

Despite the variety of careers available, people interested in law can choose from a handful of specific areas that they might be drawn to. Finding the right field of law for you is all about understanding what interests you the most. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at these fields and aspects to keep in mind as you consider your future and offer some idea of what might be waiting for you if you decide to enter one.


When you hear the word “lawyering,” this is what comes to mind. A litigator is a lawyer who actively represents a client in a court of law. The legal profession breaks down into two general categories: transactional and litigation. A transaction lawyer handles all the legal business related to a case, while a litigator takes it to court and argues for their client. Litigators may specialize in many different areas of law, from criminal cases to divorce proceedings, from contract disputes to labor law.

Contract drafting/review

The contract lawyer is not so much involved in the actual litigation but rather is an expert in the language of finance. The contract lawyer’s experience comes from drafting contracts for each company they work with. The contract lawyer looks over their clients’ drafted contracts to ensure the best agreement possible. From there, the contract lawyer will go through it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure any loopholes are closed off or that any details that might be left out are still covered by what has already been written down.

Intellectual property

One of the most exciting aspects of the law is the ability to protect the irreplaceable things that make our lives work. From famous inventions to artworks, to music, to books written by people who came before us, intellectual property needs to be protected at all costs. The finalizer of intellectual property matters is usually called an intellectual property lawyer. Intellectual property cases are much more complicated than other cases, as they can take years for them to go through court and become established as law.

Immigration lawyer

If you find yourself in a position where you can’t stay in your home country, you might need an immigration lawyer. Immigrants are constantly moving around the world, and it is best to have an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of immigration law to make sure your rights are protected. An immigration attorney will help illegal immigrants apply for asylum, help families immigrate together, review visa applications, prepare work permits and even get citizenship for naturalized citizens.

Corporate lawyer

Though the corporate lawyer isn’t one of the most popular careers in law, it’s a must for those with a legal interest in developing a business. When starting a company, you need to work with particular rules, and if you do not have experience in these areas, it’s best to hire someone who does. Corporate lawyers will help ensure that everything listed on your business’ incorporation docs is complete and accurate, draft contracts between your company and its contracts, and help with any disputes that may arise.


To be a successful attorney, it is important to have a clear vision of where your future wishes to go. It would be best to put time and effort into finding the right direction and know that your path will lead to success. To be the best law student you can be, make sure you research careers before starting your courses. Kingston Fox Criminal Lawyers can give you a realistic outlook of what your career will look like after law school.