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5 easy ways to refresh your wardrobe

Seem to be having the same I-have-nothing-to-wear struggle every time you need to get dressed for the day? It might be time for a wardrobe refresh. Whether you’ve emotionally outgrown your garments, your lifestyle has changed or you’re simply no longer into lilac or lace, changing up your style doesn’t need to be hard. And you don’t need to start over completely. Instead, follow these five easy hacks for a fashion overhaul.

1. Divide and conquer

You knew this one was coming, but it really is useful to categorise your clothes into ones you like and ones you don’t. If you will never wear a piece again, donate it. If you’re not sure, store it in a vacuum-sealed bag so you can “shop it” at a later date. 

Once you have your “yes” pile, have a think about how the pieces work together. Are there any themes? Are there more neutrals than vibrant colours, or more subtle prints than loud ones? This will give you a sense of your style and also give you the opportunity to pair up items you hadn’t previously put together.

2. Go for the classics

Trends come and go – and they’re likely the reason your style feels less than cohesive in the first place. While the odd trend piece is a quick way to add a little fun into your wardrobe, you can’t go past the classics. A silk shirt is a timeless go-to that suits any occasion. Dress it down with jeans and sneakers, or dress it up with tailored trousers or an A-line skirt, a fitted blazer, and a pair of heels – all of which are classics in their own right. Not only do silk shirts make for chic and elegant workwear, they also keep you looking stylish at brunch or dinner. 

3. Prioritise neutrals

Neutral colours like beige, white, navy, and black should make up the base of your wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you can never add in other colours, but it does mean your foundation will always be chic and work well together. If you’re after extra oomph, play with colourful accessories (like a scarf or necklace) or statement pieces.

4. Switch up your shapes

Is your current wardrobe full of tightly tailored pants, skirts, shirts, and coats? Try to add in more relaxed pieces so you can play with your silhouette. A slim pair of pants pairs well with a relaxed silk shirt, for example, or an oversized sweater and pencil skirt. 

5. Renew your accessories

Like the clothes in your wardrobe, it’s best for the bulk of your accessories to be timeless and classic. Think a chic brown or black belt, a thin gold necklace, a pair of ankle boots and neutral heels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also have fun. A handful of trendy accessories (maybe a burgundy beret for winter), never go astray when it comes to breathing new life into your outfits.

Sophie Doyle is the founder of The Fable, a Sydney-based fashion label that specialises in the ultimate silk shirt. Each shirt is made from 100 per cent crepe de chine silk, is machine washable, crease-resistant, and made in ethically accredited factories.