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4 times in your life you should opt for organic skincare

As we can all agree our skin can constantly change depending on the weather, our moods, our lifestyles, our diets – the list goes on! Whilst we might enjoy whatever skincare we might be using sometimes we need to opt for something different to cater for our ever-changing skin. Organic products are a great swap as their natural ingredients can offer potential benefits for long term skincare. Here are 4 times in your life to opt for organic skincare according to Senior Dermal Skin therapist Christie Cameron from SSKIN Clinic and expert for RosehipPLUS.

If you have a sensitised or allergy-prone skin

If you find your skin gets easily irritated from synthetic cosmeceuticals Certified organic products may be your saving grace. Certified Organic ingredients are grown through a process that makes them free from toxic pesticides, chemicals and fertilisers that can be harmful to your health and cause sensitivity or allergies in the skin.

If you are pregnant 

Research has shown that using Organic skincare products during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial, and this is why: Your baby will develop safely.

Studies show that the non-biodegradable and toxic ingredients found in artificial skincare products often cross the placenta into the baby. And since the fetus cannot detoxify well until about 7 months, this can have a long term effect on its development. Most organic skincare products do not have such toxic ingredients and using them will allow your baby to grow safely and healthy without any problems.

If you are trying to adopt an ECO-friendly lifestyle 

When you choose organic products, you minimize the environmental impact immediately, no toxic chemicals are washed down the drain. Thanks to that, our water supply resources and ecosystem remain intact. There is also a big shift towards environment-friendly packaging, especially from organic product ranges. Organic ingredients are also grown without the use of toxic chemicals or fertilisers, this also causes less harm to the planet, particularly the soil, water, and air.

If you are ethically conscious 

For products to gain certified organic status in Australia, they must adhere to a strict set of guidelines. Testing on animals at any stage of the production or development of a certified organic skincare product is an absolute no. The products must also be clearly labelled to provide accurate information to consumers.