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20 Seconds… That wake up call & the key to following the yellow brick road

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, tired, worn out, no longer fulfilled & questioning what you are doing & how long you can continue?

Yes me too!

I know how you feel as I felt the same way!

I was at a crossroad after having our third child whilst on maternity leave & dragging my feet to head back to my career!

You see, up until that time I served my Country as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force for 17 years & was so blessed to have been given so many incredible experiences others might never & was also blessed to have been part of an incredible military family, having friends all around Australia as a result but I remember there was a time when I just woke up, my soul was being stirred & thought, “how could I continue this ego driven career, having someone else raise our children, working extra long hours & for what?”

I was told as a female years prior that I couldn’t carry out that career so I said, “move over & watch me!” I proved I was more than capable!

I was blessed to have met my wonderful husband of almost 26 years on the tarmac… yes just like a Top Gun Romance, but… I was now at the top of the ceiling of my expertise & without goals & what I thought… no opportunities of progress… it no longer fulfilled or lit me up.

So I knew something had to change!

I just had no idea, how or what & nor did I need to know!

During the time off with my new little baby… the gift was time & space.

I really had no idea why this was so important & the gift it would be in my life, but didn’t question & chose to use the time to carry out daily meditation, visualizing, grounding myself out in nature, carrying out my morning rituals and affirmations as well as concentrating on breathing exercises & the importance of this. 

I now know I was divinely lead as this would lead me to tuning in & not dismissing my heart  & using my intuition as my inner GPS when I most needed whilst smashing that voice in my head I had been so accustomed to as an Engineer… Thank goodness!

This would allow me to see that everything I needed is already inside, instead of giving my power away & looking elsewhere! 

This would allow me to manifest more profoundly as I could see just how to bring my dreams into reality but also I now know that as much as you can manifest good things, you can also manifest tragedies… things sent to truly awaken you & ensure you tune into your heart space & this is something many Law of attraction experts do not share! 

You see… what I know is the Universe, higher power, your subconscious or whatever you’d like to call it, always rewards what you ask for, so you have to be careful what you ask for!

Energy grows where energy flows!

However, I asked for change but never did I expect a full on tragedy to wake me up & that is the lesson & what needs to be shared!

Never did I expect to have every parent’s worst nightmare to suddenly become my reality?

I am a good Mum that always puts her children first!


Never did I expect to find our little baby boy, the only one left in my care, the one I was to look after & protect, fully clothed including shoes and a nappy, floating in our backyard pool on my watch! 

It still horrifies and haunts me to this day!

But it happened!

Fortunately… I now see my life as a dot to dot & see the reason why I was so divinely lead to focus on the rituals so I could not dismiss that pushing feeling coming from my intuition, despite my mind trying to tell me he was ok & would be playing with his toys in another room!

Thank goodness I couldn’t dismiss that calling! 

So blessed!

This all happened on what was meant to be the most exciting day!

The day we were moving into our first home we purchased!

The day, my husband was at the Hardware Store ironically buying child locks to ensure our home was safe.the day, he was our only child in my care as a baby. The day I was busy unpacking boxes as my little baby boy was placed in my site & never use to wander off and explore! 

The day, I was complacent & just assumed my pool gate would have been checked by my Building Inspector upon purchase of our property! 

I run over and over the Events of that day & question why and how did this happen & why I did not hear a splash or a scream whilst being busy that day?

And every single day, I am so grateful for the time leading up to this day, the day where my life changed FOREVER!

You see…

I could not dismiss the calling & despite running from room to room & box to box searching, I knew, deep down inside me that it was the pool… I just did not want to believe it! 

So when I took those steps to our pool and my vision became my reality… I screamed uncontrollably for someone to come and help, however no one was home, neighbours were all out as well!

As I nervously reached into the pool to pull out his lifeless body, screaming, I raced inside to try and call emergency on my home phone that wasn’t even connected!

Everything I was trying was failing me!

I remember thinking very clearly, how could I call my husband and other daughters to advise them that our little bundle of joy, the one we tried for so much, was no longer with us?

It could not be in my equation! 

I had to try and find my mobile phone to make the call but as I frantically went searching for it… I had a divine energy or force come over me, telling me to get over myself… that this was not about me, but about him & if I don’t try something, anything… he would no longer be in our lives! 

How often in life do we not do things or delay because we don’t feel good enough or it’s not perfect? 

This, I had to get over & as I breathed deep that caused me to realise I had to just try something & it didn’t need to be perfect!

Psychologists have carried out studies about the affects of deep breathing during traumas, it allows you to get out of the emotion and into a clinical approach during tragedies. I didn’t know that at the time, but again his time wasn’t up & I was divinely led to do just that without question!

I lay his little lifeless body down, carried out one rotation, which by no means was perfect & nothing happened, but I continued and on the second rotation, he started breathing!

I could not believe it!

I was truly blessed! 

I then found my mobile phone and made the call and waited 15 minutes for Paramedics to arrive so had to keep him alive that time that felt like a lifetime! 

Our baby… me… we were given another shot at life! 

Tears streaming down my face of sheer gratitude! 

I am not a hero… I am a Mum that was truly blessed to be given some incredible tools to help save my son! 

What I now know is just how easily unplanned incidents can occur & just how 20 seconds can change your life forever!

Paramedics could not believe he was alive & immediately immersed me into the media in an attempt to share my story in an attempt for others to learn & better protect their loved ones!

I just knew that was the change I had been asking fo, in the form of a tragedy to wake me up, to see my gifts and show me the unlimited possibilities by tuning into my heart & having faith to follow the divine energy every single day! 

What a way to wake up!

Yes at that moment it changed me forever as with the help of the media & my absolute desire to scream this Story & the many lessons I learnt from the rooftops, caused me to get out of my own way, overcome my fears & jump into the unknown & make the decision to not go back to my career but instead make a massive difference & that’s exactly what I did !

Was it scary? 

Of course it was as it was the unknown & most definitely outside my comfort zone! 

You see what I now realise is everything I needed was within me & my why became bigger than my why not as I suddenly had a message to deliver to help others realise I’m not unique & this can happen to anyone & what if they didn’t have the skills I had? How could I move past that guilt?

You see, you can’t un-know something once it happens especially for & not to you!

I felt chosen! 

I now realize just how precious life is!

I became a crazy woman on a mission & suddenly as crazy as it sound the training I created by sharing my experiences suddenly became highly sought after & the company began winning & becoming finalist in many local, National & International Business Awards & that’s without a business plan in sight!

What I know is, when your why becomes bigger than your why not, you become UNSTOPPABLE!

Along with this, I am still so blessed to be involved in the media extensively, contribute to many books, co-author & contribute to many other events, magazines, newspapers & national & International radio & podcast shows.

What a change! 

I often sit back & think it’s a dream & think just where I’d be & what I’d be doing right now, had God not have chosen me to make this difference!

I realise now that nothing has meaning except the meaning you give & another person could have the same incident & have a totally different outcome which is the gift!

You see what I realise then is everything, every adversity I’d ever overcome, my crappy childhood, everything, God was preparing me for that very moment as he knew I’d had the strength & resilience & the guts & determination to create something so many others would benefit & better protect their loved ones, but there’s always more!

You see, to me, I now realise life is constantly changing & now that Yucan2 is set up & running effectively, leaving a legacy,  isn’t there others that had the same feeling or questioning, “ is there more  & perhaps, unfulfilled also?”

How could I sit back & know what I know & not do anything about it? 

You see, climbing a mountain is incredible but it’s the lessons you learn along the way are powerful!

I now know I have a responsibility to help others discover what I did, to be able to remove the clutter & tune into their heart space to discover their gifts, life purpose but without the tragedy for if I don’t step up & create .. how could I live with myself if others created similar tragedies ? 

What if I could intervene & they learn what they need & discover their life purpose without the tragedy?

Imagine how that would feel?

I do know & understand that with every tragedy, it’s that person’s journey & they learn many lessons as a result but what if they weren’t as strong as I & they put a different meaning to it  & what if they could discover what they needed, without the tragedy?

I knew then I had a responsibility to create Programs, using different processes to help others remove blocks, fears so they can discover & then if they choose, shine their light brightly also!

I had to stand up , show up & be a Leader as the World needed me to!

I’ve been so blessed to have been immersed in Personal development with some of the Worlds best mentors as they guide me, but what I learnt is that I had very similar stories to theirs & was doing similar things already so what it’s done for me by surrounding myself with some of the best, is to give me energy to know I’m on the right path & to just continue doing what I’m doing, without question & that is the Gift!

I have now created Workshops & affordable global Retreats as well as become an International Trainer & Speaker!

Nothing lights me up more than when I witness the breakthroughs in my clients as I help them overcome any fears, to jump outside their comfort zone into the power zone, to truly understand that thing that happened, was a gift, to see it from another perspective so they too can stop listening to their head & tune into their heart as I did , to discover their gifts also & have the faith to follow the divine guidance we all have in our hearts , see, hear & feel the love all around & BE the change in the World they need to see!

And to realise that we are capable of manifesting anything, whether good or bad as I now see that perhaps taking on someone else’s pain when we discovered a drowning occurred in the community we were living Just a year before, that perhaps those feelings I had manifested our own drowning story when I was asking is there more to life?

Just something to be aware that our thoughts lead to feelings lead to action & results so what if you filled your life with positive thoughts & dreams & put the energy to those things, rather than listening to the News…just what could you create?

And to understand that yes indeed, we can empathise, but the importance of clearing that energy cannot be underestimated!

Within the Yucan2 community, we laugh, we cry, we grow …it’s a safe environment to share, support each other & hold each other up on those days when we feel like throwing in the towel, to nurture growth, to share wins, challenges & keep each other accountable so we all can Be the change in the World we need to see with progress & live our best Lives yet !!

What I have learnt through this journey by helping others & being in the flow & having absolute clarity is that everything comes effortlessly with grace & ease & to be open to the synchronicities that show as a result!

I literally feel like Dorothy on the yellow brick road with unlimited possibilities everywhere & open to hearing & making that impact & attracting many others that are aligned also.

Over this time I also was blessed to holistically regain my own health after 81/2 years of full-on treatments with 2 auto- immune diseases, where the prognosis was meant to be life long!

I now also love helping others regain or prevent ill health by being relatable  & had a vision of creating an online Marketplace showcasing healthy, lifesaving & lifestyle products I could recommend, covering all things I am passionate about! 

Every day I could see it as done but had no idea how to create it but nor did I need to know either as by being so clear and sure it would happen, I manifested the right people to help me create and for my vision to become reality!

I felt like Noah with his Ark & didn’t question but just continued to create & make my vision clearer!

I’ve now partnered with an incredible friend who is also an expert in I T & Online Marketing, the two skills I needed to bring my vision into creation!

Working with our strengths, we are most definitely in the flow & success is flowing in & even better … we are able to serve even more, helping many others to do the same!

During Covid, as the borders closed & I was no longer able to Train & Speak easily, I was forced to become resourceful & had to pivot so this was the perfect time to launch our  global Online Marketplace, as one of our Mentors suggested to give people what they want & with Covid still not in control, people are used to being at home & creatures of habit so will continue the online shopping they became accustomed to during the isolation & nowadays more than ever…are seeking healthy alternatives they could trust whilst giving them a chance to earn an income just by supporting, creating win/wins so here it is… Zenarah was launched!

If you know of anyone with products in the above categories, we would appreciate the introduction to see if we are a good fit to join our fast growing, collaborative community & if you love having healthy, lifesaving & lifestyle products you can trust delivered in the comfort of your home, we invite you to sign up for FREE as a customer and have a browse!

When you register, you are issued a code… if you share that code you are rewarded with points to be used for future purchases with every purchase associated with your code! Being rewarded in appreciation for your support & helping us grow! 

We are never exempt from obstacles ourselves but have learnt to embrace & appreciate the obstacles & truly see the gifts as life is happening for us ! We certainly have the tools to continue to grow & understand we are bigger than any obstacle & can continue to overcome & learn more to share & help others & have a true understanding of being a light to many  

The more we overcome .. the more we grow & come closer to our truth & really unveil more layers to reveal more so we can make even more of an impact & be the change in the World we need to see!

Our sons drowning most certainly happened for me to wake me up & tune into my heart space & has been a key to this & I’m so grateful for everything that has been created  & the impact since that day!

I cannot wait to see just how much more of an impact I’ll make! 

Just keep dreaming & believing & working on yourself daily as anything is possible!