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Zown – the new, positive zone for kids online

Zown is the new app for tweens and teens showing them what is GOOD in this world, allowing them to thrive not just survive the awesome tween and teen years!

Parents raising tweens and teens in 2023 most likely experienced a VERY different childhood from their kids. I know my biggest fear was who had seen the photos while they were processing at the chemist… not whether unflattering or worse, incriminating images and commentary had been shared of me without my consent all over the internet!

Tweens and teens these days are more connected and more educated, thanks largely to the internet, however, they are also reporting higher levels of loneliness than previous generations. How can greater connection lead to increased loneliness?  

Kids are trying to work out their place in the world, and their self-worth, yet also managing the prevalence of fake news, social media and doctored images using filters and editing.  

Parents, at the same time are trying our best to navigate these years alongside our children. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, other times the seas are rough!

It’s a confusing time for us all – and unfortunately the teen years are somewhat feared and dreaded.  That’s a big chunk of your child’s formative years to dread. 

That’s where Zown comes in. Created by Sydney mum of 4 tweens and teens, Lauren Adlam, Zown is your kids’ own zone. It is a free app, aimed primarily at 8-14 year olds. It is focused on positivity and good vibes only. Good news, daily positivity posts, goal setting, fun riddles and trivia. There’s a Contributor’s Corner where kids can share their own recommendations and reviews, random acts of kindness or boredom busters. There’s also a section called Discover which is updated daily with resources to help kids thrive, not just survive the tween and teen years. Resources from reputable and verified sources on puberty, drugs & alcohol, exercise, health, and friendship to name just a few of the categories! Content is segmented for under 12yo and over, to ensure age appropriateness. 

Zown is all about creating a safe, moderated, and fun online community where kids can feel GOOD – about the world, about themselves, and about their place in the world for now and the future. 

And for parents, there is a website; which is a directory of resources to help us navigate these years alongside our kids. Access to international experts, psychologists and our own reviews of books and other resources to bolster parents’ toolkits and make these tween and teen years something to look forward to, not simply endure. It won’t all be smooth, but hopefully, the bumps will be explainable, and parents won’t feel alone. 

Zown is not pretending to cure a mental health crisis but with positivity and belief in the future, there’s a lot to look forward to for tween and teen kids!    

To try Zown, visit