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Working from home inspires more Aussies to undertake home improvements

In the wake of Covid-19 more Aussies found themselves spending more time at home than ever before.

88% of Australian organisations had adopted working from home practices, social gatherings had been replaced by family time inside the home and work-outs shifted from gyms into the lounge room.  As a result, home improvements came to the forefront, with an increased demand in home projects.

Harmony Varley, Designer from Progressive Plans based on Northern Beaches, who noticed an increased demand in people looking to improve their home, shares her top tips to recreating your dream space.

1. Working from home – being in your home space gives you great insights into what is and isn’t working in your current surroundings.

With work from home arrangements becoming increasingly common and set to continue for a while yet, it?s the ideal time to assess your surroundings and see what does and doesn?t inspire. If it?s hard to get a moment?s silence working from the lounge maybe it?s time to create a dedicated workspace, such as a study nook that allows you to fully connect with what you’re doing. Lighting, setting and interior design can all contribute to a greater sense of calm and clarity.

2. Light and winter sun

Being able to generate warmth from sunlight in your home is really great for your mood and for your health. Not to mention your electricity bill! To be in your house in the afternoon without the lights on in winter, is an excellent asset to a home. If you?re noticing that you have the lights on throughout a lot of the day, have a look around your house to see if there is space for some windows or sunlights. It will also help ?bring the outside in? with hopefully some greenery adding an aesthetic appeal.

3. Ideas for re-designing without breaking the budget.

Getting a professional to run through your design plans with you can be extremely beneficial if you feel overwhelmed with ideas and options. A professional will know where it is worth spending money on finishes and where you can cut back and save. It can also shed light on what you can do within your budget and give you insights and ideas that you may not have originally considered. A professional can also assess whether any major structural changes are necessary in actualizing your space and offer alternatives that may be less intensive both in terms of finances and time to completion.

4. Positive outlook and planning.

No matter which stage of your home improvement journey you are on, planning and visualising what you want your future space to look like can bring you a sense of positivity and calm. Having a positive outlook and something to look forward to can be invaluable in times of increased pressure or stress. With social distancing measures cutting us off from a range of external activities and distractions, this may be the perfect time to reflect on your internal environment.

5. What works and what doesn?t

Spending so much time in your house can really bring to light any design issues in certain areas. For example, now that you?re in your home a lot of the day, you may notice how you have to always cross through the laundry all day to get to the kitchen or how the sink in the guest bathroom isn?t wide enough, which you hadn?t noticed before. Maybe you never really looked at your kitchen from a ?visitor? point of view but now can see how functionally it isn?t the best design for a guest. You may see areas in your house that are even under-utilised and could have an alternate use. Taking the time to look from a different perspective can bring some ideas you had never thought of before.

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Progressive Plans offer complete design solutions for all aspects of a build or renovation ? from a simple kitchen or bathroom design, through to large scale renovations, addition or a new dream home. They are also specialists in apartments and  in multi-functional areas and custom storage solutions to help make the most of your space, which may be beneficial for those who want a space that is flexible in its utility.