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Why Road Trips are Always a Good Idea for Family Travel

Are you looking for a fun, inexpensive holiday idea to bring the whole family together and make great memories? Get in your car and hit the road! That’s right. Few holidays are as perfect for families as a road trip. What makes it even more exciting is the sheer range of incredible road trips that Australia has to offer — from stunning beaches, sunny cliffs, and rugged outbacks to verdant rainforests.

If you are planning your next travel with family, here are eight reasons why it should be a road trip. 

1. Road Trips Offer Great Bonding Time

We take family vacations because we want to spend time and make memories with our loved ones. Road trips offer them aplenty. Unlike a typical beach holiday or a city tour, everyone isn’t scattered and doing their own thing. On a road trip, your best memories could be camping by the lake, fishing, or sitting by the fire, sharing stories and laughs. These positive memories last a lifetime. 

2. Pushes the Kids Out of Their Comfort Zone

A road trip takes your kids out of the comfort of their homes and into the world. They will find it challenging and fun as they pack their bags and learn bit by bit to take care of themselves. It can be a life-altering experience for kids, helping them build a taste for entertainment sans smartphones or other digital means.  

3. Road Trips are Affordable

You’d be surprised how affordable a road trip can be. Does the idea of a vacation bring huge bills to your mind? Try a vehicle rental hire from LeisureRent and drive to your favorite spots. It is much more affordable than taking a plane to an exotic place. You do not have to worry about the hefty charges of resorts and exotic tour packages that are often, to be honest, designed to rip you off. 

4. Travel on Your Terms 

One of the best aspects of a road trip with your family is that you can be the boss of your trip. You can drive and see around at your pace. There is no schedule to stick to, no places to check off the list, and no internal guilt-driven urge to make the most of your money on expensive vacations abroad. For those traveling with an infant or toddler, road trips can be a boon for this reason. 

5. They Are Fun and Adventurous

Who said adventure is exotic? You can find adventure and fun with your family and kids once you choose to take a road trip around your country. A road trip in Australia means you can explore the numerous adventurous options you may have overlooked earlier. Whether scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, camping in a holiday park, or driving along brilliant white beaches and coastal drives, Australia has some of the most iconic options for planning a road trip with your family.

6. They Connect You to Nature

Road trips bring you closer to nature and are an enriching experience for children and adults alike. Families can have a great time driving past the numerous landscapes, stopping by to see something that amazes them and identifying Australia’s different landmarks and natural formations. Camping with your family, waking up to the chirping of birds surrounded by nature, and exploring the many facets of the outside world can be unique experiences for everyone. 

7. No Transport-Related Troubles

Going abroad via plane means you are left with only hired means of transport in that country. This can be extremely expensive as tourists are often charged exorbitant prices. For a road trip, you can choose a vehicle that suits your family size and travel around on your terms.

8. Less Headache and Stress

Trips can be notorious for getting everyone’s stress levels shooting through the roof. With road trips, a lot is in your control. You can take breaks whenever needed, stop for a bite when hunger pangs strike, and step out of your car to stretch your legs. 

These are some reasons why road trips are such a good idea for family travel. All you need to do is grab a map, choose a destination, pack your bags and go!