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Why Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings Are So Popular

The pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is back and this time, for good. We have the A-list celebrity such as Margot Robbie, Victoria Beckham and Katherine Heigl to thank for reviving the popularity of pear shape cut diamond. The reason is simple – unique and classic yet away from the mainstream. Of course, its shape also resembles a teardrop with enlarged rounded bottom, and smaller pointed top making it the most romantic sparkly show stopper.

Jewellers across Australia have become inundated with requests to create gorgeous, bespoke pear shaped designs for their engagement rings. If you’re looking for a bespoke jeweller, consider engagement rings in Brisbane from Larsen Jewellery with their beautiful bespoke designs to make you or your significant other feel like a star.

The origin of the pear-shaped diamond can be traced back to the 1400s. It was created by the renown Flemish polisher named Lodewyk van Berquem, the father of diamond faceting who was responsible for introducing to humans the concept of symmetry and placement of facets that maximise the radiating shine and sparkle. When it was first introduced by the polisher, it was way ahead of its time as many rejected the style.

Over time, the glamorous pear cut redeemed itself. One of the examples is the legendary and infamous Taylor Burton Diamond. It was given to Elizabeth Taylor by her then-husband, Richard Burton to show his love and affection. It was first put up for auction in 1969. Being a diamond aficionado, Taylor had it flown to Gstaad, Switzerland for viewing then back to New York for the auction. Burton took part in the bidding, but despite his efforts, Robert Kenmore of Kenmore Corporation, which is the parent company of Cartier jewellers won the auction. Cartier, however, owned it for just one day as Richard Burton had his lawyer contact Cartier and buy over the gem the next day.

Besides its eye-catching shape and vintage value, the many advantages that pear-shaped diamond rings have over its traditional cut diamonds counterparts are:

  1. Size does matter – due to their elongated shape, when cut with ideal measurements, pear cuts actually look larger than a round diamond with the same carats!
  2. Versatility – pear cuts is easily complimented by side stones with other shapes and design settings, allowing buyers to custom made into an elegant ring.
  3. Compliment the fingers – nothing compliments your finger better than a ring with pear shape as it has a slimming effect on your finger making it look oh so lean and graceful.
  4. Affordability -despite being one of the most expensive diamond shapes, compared to a round diamond, it is only at a fraction of the round diamond price.
  5. Steal the show – its unique silhouette structure and many facets boast the sparkle significantly and instantly grabs the attention of people.
  6. Clarity – a pear shape diamond can have as many as 72 facets, unleashing the inner brilliance of the rock.

It is no wonder that such a vintage shape come back alive and become a trendsetter amongst the A-list of celebrities. The traditional way to wear a pear-shaped diamond ring is to slip it on with the pointed tip directed toward your fingernail rather than your knuckle. But of course, you can wear it whatever way that you like.

So ladies, if you’re looking for your next masterpiece that you can be proud of that stands different from all others, go ahead and claim a pear shape diamond for yourself.

Article provided by Bevilles