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Why do we need to review our parenting style post-COVID-19?

The pandemic has affected us all immensely, and it will continue affecting us in different ways in the future as well. Families across the world have faced many challenges, be it emotional or financial. Most of the well-informed families are adopting new rules and changes to cope up with the post-pandemic regular life. Public places, schools, restaurants, and businesses, are experiencing different adjustments due to COVID-19. This novel pandemic has left everyone thinking about how to adjust to the new normal that involves keeping our loved ones safe.

Why do all parents need to review their parenting style?

With all the other matters, coronavirus has also affected emotional relationships. To study the psychological effects of minimum interaction, Richard Slatcher, the Gail M. Williamson Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Georgia, has been working with two of his international colleagues. The project is called “Love in the Time of COVID” (Which is borrowed from the classic novel “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez.) Slatcher says, “The COVID-19 outbreak is profoundly affecting our social relationships. Are people feeling more or less connected to others? How are people feeling about working from home together? What are the effects of people working full time from home while also caring full time for their children? What are the effects of living alone right now? This experience will impact us in ways we do not yet fully understand.”

People are struggling emotionally because this pandemic has made most of them psychologically more vulnerable. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with the COVID-10 spread, has stated, “1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States have experienced violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime—and the risks to victims are severe.”  

And with research carried by Psychologist Josie Serrata, owner of Prickly Pear Therapy and Training and a research and evaluation consultant, it is found that pandemic stress and social isolation can raise domestic violence. She says that “We found social factors that put people more at risk for violence are reduced access to resources, increased stress due to job loss or strained finances, and disconnection from social support systems. And with this pandemic, we see similar things happen, which unfortunately leads to circumstances that can foster violence.”

Your child could be experiencing different emotions due to all the changes. According to UNODC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, “Children react to stress in many ways, and their reactions may vary depending on various factors, including age. Some may initially be happy to be home, but over time the disruption to their routine, isolation from friends, and other imposed limitations will increase their stress. They may experience ups and downs in their behaviors, and their emotions may change. They may be unusually active, aggressive, quiet, or sad. They may express fear, become overwhelmed, and display anxiety. They may cry or become more clingy than usual. They may have disrupted sleep patterns. They can also become unwilling to participate in chores or schoolwork. They may also not get along so well with siblings and other family members.”

With all these facts stated, it is necessary to remember that kids look up to their parents whenever they feel any discomfort. They seek guidance and look at how their parents react in stressful situations. This pandemic has been hard for everyone, especially the kids. Parenting was never an easy task, but this drastic change in the world has created some new challenges for the parents. If you are a parent, this is a chance to model for your kids. Show them flexibility, compassion, and understanding behavior through your daily life. If you have been struggling through this lockdown, here are few tips that can help you deal with the post lockdown parenting:

Take out some time and talk

Let them talk and make them feel comfortable. If your kids ask any questions, answer them with minimal yet truthful details. You do not want to scare them with unnecessary facts or details. Young children with their exploring minds can absorb information in waves, let them ask what they know to know. They always feel empowered with a sense of control.

Keep connected to their schools

Many schools have reopened. However, most of them are still following the online schedules. If your child has started going to his school, you need to talk to them about the safety they will be providing. Will they be following the ground rules? How many students will sit in one class? Reach out to their favorite teacher and talk to them about the concerns. Let them know that you care. However, if your child is attending online classes, make sure they know you are at their back. If you cannot be with them all the time, you could use monitoring apps like XNPSY to monitor their productivity. XNSPY lets you track all the online activities from their phone. This way, you can know their productivity. Staying connected with your child and his daily routine will help you understand them more.  

Monitor their online activities

If you are a parent or a guardian, you should know that the continuous updates the child gets from the internet can increase anxiety and fear. Age-inappropriate information or adult news can cause disturbance among the children. So, monitoring their online activities is an essential part of parenting. XNPSY, the most reliable parental monitoring app, can help you keep tabs on them. It lets you ensure that your child is safe from all the inappropriate content.

Practice good hygiene and follow the rules

Even if most of the countries have gone out of the lockdown safely, practicing all the COVID-19 safety guidelines will not be terrible. Encourage your family to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Ask them to use a facemask. Ask them to avoid shaking hands or hugs with people outside the family. Teach your kids all the guidance about what they can do to prevent the virus exposer. Tell them to eat healthily and exercise so that they have a better immune system.

Be aware of their physical and mental health

As a responsible parent, you should know what your child is dealing with. Coronavirus has had its impact on all of us. Children have never stayed at home for such a long time. If they act all cranked up, you cannot blame them. Let them know you are here for them and try to provide as much comfort as you can.

Take your kids to the isolation centers for treatment if they experience any symptoms. And be there with them to make them feel safe.

Try to be honest about the situation

Younger children may presume worst-case scenarios whenever they hear any COVID-related appalling news. So it is better that you explain the news to them yourself. Tell them about the safety measures and try to keep them updated on the news.

Offer them reassurance and guidance

It is time you perform to be a role model for your kids. They will react just as you do to this stressful situation. Remember, your kids learn from the examples you set.

With all the shocking news going on, kids can experience depression or fear. Try to give them the support they need. You can spend time with them watching their favorite movies or playing their favorite games. Let them know this pandemic will end, and everything will be okay.

Explain to them the social measures they should take when they are out in public. With the lockdown coming to an end, your kids are probably confused about why you are not letting them meet their friends. Tell them about the dangers they could encounter.

You do not want your kids to stay on the dark side. Instead, help them see the positive things in life. Staying home with your families, celebrating just with your loved ones, playing little family games, let all of these activities put a smile on their faces. These little things like affection, a small kind gesture, or a meaningful conversation will help your kids make their way through these difficult times.


Many parents might stress in balancing the work, maintain their household, taking care of their kids during this pandemic. However, despite all of the drastic changes in the world, you can keep your family safe and healthy just by following the mentioned tips.