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What Every Mum Should Know About Vaping

Whether vaping is a fad or something that we will live with for generations to come remains to be seen but what we do know is that it has quickly become popular in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and elsewhere across the country, leaving some mums with more questions than they have answers. Here are seven things that every mum should know about vaping.

Be aware of the signs that your kids may be vaping

Mums with older children should be aware of the signs that their kid might be using a vape. It also helps to know the lingo. If you hear your child talking about vaping or mentioning vapes (another word for e-cigarettes) then it may be time to have the talk. No, not that talk – the vaping talk! Before we get into what you might consider saying to your child when you have the talk, let’s look at some of the signs that your kid might be vaping.

  • Shortness of breath can be caused by emotional distress and a range of different health concerns, however, it can also be a sign that your kid is vaping. If you notice any change in your kid’s breathing that could warrant concern, you may want to consider the notion that your kid has started to use a vape.
  • Sudden mood swings and agitation might be brushed off or dismissed as part of the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a teenager, however, it could also be a sign that your kid has started to vape.
  • Unusual fragrances wafting through the air could be signs of vape use. While it might not smell bad to you, perhaps even good, if you catch a whiff of strawberry or peach, you might actually have just smelled vapor from an e-cigarette. If you do smell something oddly out of place, it may be time to investigate.
  • Coughing might be one of the most obvious signs that your kid is vaping. The same goes for throat clearing. While there are certainly other reasons for coughing, one reason could be vape use.
  • Unusual items found in their rooms, bags, or elsewhere could be parts of a vaping device. You may want to familiarise yourself with vape components, such as pods, batteries, chargers, atomisers, and coils. An easy way to do this is to simply browse an online vape shop’s website to see what the different types of vaping products look like so that you will recognise them immediately if you happen to spot them.

How to talk to your children about vapes

Before you jump into a conversation with your kids about vaping, it’s wise to get all of the facts first so that you can speak from a position of authority while actually knowing what you’re talking about. Once you understand the health implications of vaping, you will want to choose a good time and place to have the discussion. The American Lung Association suggests using a conversation starter such as:

  1. What do you think about vaping?
  2. Are lots of kids vaping at your school?
  3. Do any of your friends vape?
  4. Do you know how vaping can damage your health?

Other tips for having a healthy discussion on the risks of vaping with your children include appealing to their better judgment and asking open-ended questions. The latter of which may help your kids from becoming defensive while you discuss vaping.

Safety tips for mums who vape

Mums who vape should be extra cautious when it comes to their vape use. Setting a good impression is important and vaping in front of kids is obviously not a good way to go about this. While hiding your vape use from your kids might not always be possible, it is best to keep them away from it as much as you can. You also want to make sure all of your vaping supplies are safely stored at all times. Even a momentary lapse can lead to your kids having access to your vaping products so make sure you don’t leave them out of your sight for so much as a second and always place them somewhere completely out of reach, such as in a locked storage compartment. If you happen to carry a purse, you might consider buying a purse that you can lock.

If you use e-juice that comes in a bottle, it would be wise of you to only buy vape juice that comes in a child-proof bottle. While such bottles might be a bit of a nuisance to you, it’s worth the extra effort if they help prevent your kids from accessing the contents of the bottle. Not all companies who make e-liquid use child-proof containers so you may want to double-check the ones you’re buying. Even with a child-proof container, don’t rely on the mechanics of the bottle to keep curious kids from prying one open. Instead, make absolutely sure that they can’t access your e-liquid bottled or any of your other vaping supplies.

The Victoria Department of Health warns that kids and pets are at high risk of harm caused by swallowing e-liquid. As some e-liquids contain nicotine, swallowing the liquid can cause serious illness and even death. As if this wasn’t worrying enough for parents who vape, e-cigarette components such as vape pods are a potential choking hazard for young children. The health department recommends keeping vapes and related supplies out of sight of children and locked away at all times.