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This One Mindset Shift Will Enable You to Start Living the Dream Today

Reclining on my couch I hit my Facebook app on my mobile phone, one of the images caught my eye. An image of my husband and I standing in front of our home with a real estate board and a big SOLD smeared across it. We had our kids in our arms with a big grin on our faces.. They were toddlers at the time. Above the image was the blue Facebook banner and the text: 5 Years Ago.

I remember that time and the reason why I was beaming was because my husband had finally agreed to leave ?paradise? and go back to Sydney.

On the outside we were living the dream on the Sunshine Coast (even the location sounds dreamy!). An eco house designed and built by my hubby, two healthy children, enough financial security that I didn?t have to rush back to work, a short walk to a beautiful beach where we walked our dog every day, a visit to the local farmers market every weekend to stock up on the most beautiful and delicious organic food that could be found in the country?

On the outside life looked peachy but on the inside, I was not living the dream.

Two kids under 3, far away from my family and the friends I had grown up with. I was desperately grappling with my identity as a mum. I had latched on to attachment parenting, organic food and eco living as a way to prove my worthiness. I was desperately trying to feel like I was enough.

In that Facebook image I was grinning because I knew that things were going to change. I was going to be so much happier as soon as we moved to Sydney.

We uprooted the family and relocated to Sydney. I got everything I had wanted. Living near family and friends, good food, culture near by, the city excitement, I got the job I was dreaming of… But it wasn’t enough!

All my life I changed the circumstances around me to try and feel enough, to create happiness. We had moved cities, trying to get to THAT place. It still wasn?t enough.

It was at that point that I found my Master Coach, Brooke Castillo. I realised that I was on an endless hamster wheel. No matter what I DID in life, I could never feel enough. I had to change what I was thinking.

I decided to believe that I was already living the dream and when I did, EVERYTHING else started to change.

I looked around at my life and I took control of it. I flew to America to certify as a life coach, I left my job, I started a business.

I am living the dream right now. I am working for the Life Coach School for my Master Coach Brooke Castillo teaching other people how to coach. I have my own business and I empower mums to be healthier, happier and more confident through my weight loss program. I have an incredible husband and two amazing healthy kids. But do you know what else? I have been working 40 hour weeks to get there, we are living in a 50m square granny flat and in order for me to have an office, we all sleep in one room. Did I mention we have a dog who only recently (and not reliably) stopped chewing our shoes, kids toys and furniture? I have been dealing with chronic infections in my mouth for two months and I had a tooth removed before Christmas? I?m still working out how to run the business and I fall on my face regularly. It?s NOT perfect but I choose to believe that I am living the dream.

In 12 months my husband will have finished our new home. The old me would have told myself that I could finally relax and enjoy living the dream once that house is finished. Once we have a big master bedroom with a walk in wardrobe and an ensuite. When we have an induction cook top and an outdoor patio overlooking our pool. I could decide to wait for 12 months to celebrate living the dream, but I would be the one missing out on enjoying my dream life RIGHT NOW.

I want you to check in with yourself. Look around you. If you can?t see that you are living the dream already, you are just like my weight loss clients. They come to me thinking that when they lose the weight, everything will change – they will finally feel like they are enough. But the opposite is true. You need to be willing believe that you are enough exactly as you are. From that place you create abundance and it’s possible to create more.

You are already living the dream, and there is more! How fun is that!

Mindset weight loss coach Nicky Hammond hit rock bottom when she realised her years of over-achieving and search of happiness from external factors wasn?t providing the satisfaction in life she was looking for. She was miserable and turned to out of control eating for comfort. Over indulging in chocolate helped her numb self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Nicky started working with a life coach. She worked on her mental health and got to a place where she was confident and happy. She worked on her physical well being and felt healthier than ever before. Nicky became a mindset weight loss coach so she could help other mums feel happier, more confident and lose weight permanently.