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The Role of Solicitors During a Divorce or Separation

If you’re looking to obtain a divorce or to initiate a separation, consider discussing the matter with an experienced family law solicitor to ensure the situation is handled with the utmost care and respect towards both parties. The role of the solicitor in divorce settlements can actually be quite extensive depending on the circumstances of the case. Read on if you’d like to know just how much a dedicated family law solicitor can do for you and your family during this process.

Communicating the nature of the divorce or separation

The first step to initiating any kind of settlement is ensuring that both parties are well-informed and on the same page. The needs and experiences of both parties should be clearly communicated to make absolutely certain there are no ‘nasty surprises’ during the course of the dispute. Miscommunication can have dire effects on any settlement, but where the wellbeing of a family is concerned, it can be incredibly detrimental, not just to the parents but for their children as well. Family law solicitors are well-versed in mediating these tender conflicts through clear communication, and more importantly, know their own professional boundaries. 

If there are conflicts that cannot be resolved through discussion, your family law solicitor may encourage you to use an FDRP (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner), as you would’ve done prior to your separation, if you’ve already finalised your separation. In any case, whether you need further sessions with an FDRP or not, a family law solicitor’s top priority will be making sure that both parties of the family dispute walk away feeling content with the resolution for the sake of the family’s future wellbeing.

Simplifying the complexities of custody

One of the most stressful elements of any divorce settlement is navigating the complexities of child custody. Divorce proceedings can be quite difficult for children, as heavy conflict between their parents can be traumatic, and they may even feel forced to side with a specific parent. In situations like this, it’s important for the kids to be aware of the process being taken. They should not be kept in the dark, and this includes when it comes to arranging custody. Your family law solicitor will be able to help facilitate an open discussion about all the particulars of your custody dispute, and handle the dispute with great consideration towards not only both parties but also their children, to increase the likelihood of you being able to reach a clear and positive resolution. 

Handling property, assets and financial disputes

With the breakdown of any marriage or de facto relationship, there’s bound to be plenty of assets that will need to be divided up between the two parties. Applying for a consent order to independently manage asset division is generally preferable to taking financial matters to court, and your family law solicitor will take efforts to ensure that any financial disputes that arise during your divorce or separation are handled fairly, amicably and efficiently, so that you and your family can waste no time in settling into your new lives. 

As you can see, the role of a family law solicitor in any divorce or separation goes well beyond simply handling documents. The effects of these proceedings will help shape your family’s changing dynamic. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving you and your family the best possible aid.