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The revolutionary concept that has made healthy and sustainable products more accessible

Groceries are one expense that everyone is always going to have on their list. You need to eat after all! However, with fluctuating prices, healthier foods tend to be more expensive than junk food and the addition of excess wrapping and plastic can be damaging to not only your wallet but also to your sustainable living goals.

Thankfully though, one creative and revolutionary start-up aims to flip the grocery model on its head.

Introducing Wholesome Market, the creation of Jerry Li and Alene Sullivan whose goal is to bring healthy, high-quality nutritious food to the masses.  

“I was born in Australia to immigrant parents and saw first-hand the difficulty and expense of accessing healthy food, especially for low-income families,” says Jerry Li.

“That’s why we took this route, to try to make it affordable for everyone.”

Wholesome Market works on a membership model where you pay a small fee every year to access discounts of 15-50% off on healthy groceries which on average will save $35 per order and nearly $400 per year! Additionally, for every membership, the team donates the equivalent of five meals to Oz Harvest to feed those in need so there is a social responsibility element to it too.

For any shops that are over $79, they also throw in free, carbon-neutral delivery.

“Building a socially conscious, business with purpose and breaking down those barriers, has been a life-long dream for both of us” adds Alene Sullivan.

“With something like groceries which is a shop everyone in the world pretty much has to do, we tried to do our part to help them save money while also helping people in need.”